React Native, Building CANDDi’s iOS App

Since inception, CANDDi was built as a Software as a Service. Our customers were and are able to access the platform wherever they are from a web browser. However, in the past years, we have seen a change in trend in the way sales have been done. When a deal must be closed and there is the need for imminent information, a web application is not enough.

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Speed - The Biggest Issue in Mobilegeddon?

The dust is finally starting to settle after “mobilegeddon” - the recent Google update which was designed to prioritise websites that are mobile-friendly and penalise websites with non-responsive layouts or layouts that are difficult for mobile users to navigate.

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TMRW Conference 2015

Today was the first ever TMRW conference, and it was AWESOME. It was a one day event at Manchester Central, and is apparently a place where ‘those defining the future meet those ready to embrace it’ - it left me feeling inspired, a little bit freaked out, in awe, and generally very enthusiastic about both tech and about Manchester!

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