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CANDDi Free Trial: Myths Debunked

Published 20 Aug 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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In this day and age, the sign of a free giveaway can seem a little off… it’s almost like we’re waiting for the catch.

But at CANDDi, we don’t believe in trickery, we’re just straight talking and to the point.

Although we appreciate this approach doesn’t always work for everyone, at least you can rest assured there’s no wool being pulled over your eyes here. So when we say free trial, we mean free trial.

Still not convinced? Let’s have a look at what might be holding you back.

Free Trial

1. Credit card details

This one’s a biggie. If the thought of handing over your card details to complete strangers on the internet fills you with fear, we don’t blame you. But we’re not trying to catch you out.

I know what you’re thinking, if it’s a free trial, why do I need to worry about payment options? The simple answer is you don’t.

If you’ve ever been tempted to register with CANDDi before, you’ll notice there’s a two part form we ask you to fill out. 1. Personal details and 2. Credit card details. (if you haven’t, sorry, spoiler alert). This is basically our version of a gatekeeping process.

Why? Well, we’re in our 10th year of business and only this March did we decide to release a free month of CANDDi for you lovely lot. 2020 has not been kind to any of us, so this was our way of trying to help out where we can, and it’s kind of stuck.

But as a small team, we pride ourselves on our customer service and human touch. Once you’re onboard with us, we’re with you the whole way. None of this sales magic and disappearing into the night once we’ve won your custom. So, we didn’t want to jeopardize that by dealing with a massive influx of trials that wouldn’t allow us to keep our promises.

Basically, the need for card details is how we know who’s serious in needing our help, and who’s a bot/ got bored on their dinner hour. I did say we were straight to the point!

2. Hidden terms and conditions

Absolutely not. Our free trial is one whole month of no commitment, no obligation but full feature access.

If you’re enjoying your trial, great, we’ll get you signed up officially. If you decide it’s not for you, (we’ll be gutted obviously) you’re free to walk away whenever you want - completely free of charge.

There’s no fee if you want to cancel before your end of trial date, and if you forget your end date is looming, we’ll be in touch a week before so you can start making preparations for whatever decision you make.

Did I mention that it’s full feature access? How else are you going to know if CANDDi is right for you if you can’t see exactly what we do? That’s also why we give you a month period. Any less than that just isn’t long enough to get to grips with our type of technology.

3. How does cancellation work?

There’s no obstacle course, A-Level exam or dance routine to complete before you can walk away. Just send us a message and let us know.

Our Customer Success Team will be with you from the minute you sign up to the day you call it quits, so they’ll always be on hand to discuss any concerns or get things sorted for you.

4. What if I just want one bit of the CANDDi pie?

Are you worried you’ll be wasting time and effort in a full CANDDi package rather? No problem. Get in touch with us today and let us know what you want to cherry pick, and we’ll figure it out.

All our options are super flexible depending on your needs, website traffic, teams, etc. There’s no request we haven’t heard before!

5. What makes CANDDi different?

We might be one of the smaller tools out there, but we’re by no means less powerful. All you have to do is look at our customer’s results:

“In the past 7 months, we’ve gained £120,000 of additional business – that’s revenue we wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for CANDDi.” - PrintMIS

How do we manage it? Because we care about delivering results for our customers, not just ourselves. This is shown with the depth of our technology. We go one step beyond your average tracking tool to show you valuable data your sales team can actually use.

It’s great being able to see what companies have viewed your site, but surely you want to know who? Was it the CEO, someone from sales? The IT guy? CANDDi can tell you.

Our team also thrives off a personal approach. We never leave our customers in the dark and it pays off. There’s nothing worse than putting your faith in a company only to get lost in their corporate machine. So we don’t do it.

It really is as simply as that.

Hopefully this has changed your mind and you can give us a go by registering for your free trial here.

If not, we get it. Sales and trust haven’t always gone hand-in-hand. If you’re still sceptical, why not get in touch? Send a message to and we’ll see what we can do!

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