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Turn visitors into
leads, and leads
into sales.

  • Identify visitors and companies
  • Generate quality leads
  • Focus on the right prospects
  • Bridge marketing and sales

Identify your
website visitors

Prioritize the sales
leads that matter

Optimize your
marketing ROI

Make timely
sales decisions

How CANDDi can help you and your team

Sales teams

  • Close more deals with rich, real-time data about individual prospects
  • Understand what potential customers are interested in from their activity history
  • Get real-time alerts for new leads or notable returning prospects
  • Focus your efforts on the best leads with our lead scoring tool

Marketing teams

  • Find out which of your marketing efforts are working by comparing ROI across different channels
  • Generate more leads with less work by tracking individual prospects
  • Know which customers are responding to your outputs
  • Get a full history for any individual prospect

Account managers

  • Know what your customers are doing so you can better support them
  • Easily identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • See a snapshot of the day’s activities and opportunities with our Daily Report
  • Identify customers who are likely to churn, and intervene before it happens


  • Easily identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Analyze and compare marketing and sales channels
  • See a snapshot of the day’s activities and opportunities with our Daily Report
  • Know the hottest leads so they can be assigned to the best-suited sales people

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Deeper into CANDDi

Visitor and Company profiles

An overview of the information known about the visitor. This may include their name, company, job title, and contact information. As CANDDi continues to track visitors, this profile will become more detailed.

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Visitor activities

Here, you’ll see detailed information about every activity the visitor has completed since reaching your site. Find out which pages they have visited, in what order, and for how long.

  • Identify company visitor profiles
  • Create streams
  • Integrate with almost any website

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