CANDDi vs. Snitcher

What’s the difference? Lead Forensics can only tell you the companies that are visiting your website. CANDDi can do this, as well as the individual.

At a glance

Identify companies on your site
Identify individuals on your site
Cookie tracking
Real-time alerts
Email integration
CRM integration
Lead scoring
Daily reports
Bespoke integration

What’s the difference?

Identifying companies

Snitcher can show you which company has visited your site, which is great for finding out what business is interested in yours.

However, only having this vague information can be an issue when you attempt to contact that company, since you don’t know the name of the person that’s interested.

That’s why CANDDi is so useful; with innovative identification methods, we can tell you who visited your site, giving your team the precise information they need when it matters the most.

Daily reports

Though Snitcher sends updates data about prospects in real-time, it doesn’t offer the same Daily Report and real-time alert service that has proven so popular with our users.

With the Daily Report, anyone from your team can get a highly detailed snapshot of the day’s new leads and marketing performance at a glance.

Cookie tracking

CANDDi operates in real time, and since we combine IP tracking with cookie tracking, you can rest assured you’ll never miss a sales opportunity again.

Whether your prospects are browsing from their office or home, our CANDDi email notifications will alert you the second important activity happens on your website.

This includes every time a new website visitor is recognised on your site, when they return, and if they engage in an identifying action.

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