CANDDi shows you your website visitors and who they are!

CANDDi tracks every website visitor and all their activities including page views, case studies, products, downloads, videos viewed and more.

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CRM Integration

CRM Integration

How CANDDi can help you and your business

Track all visitors

CANDDi tracks every website visitor and all their activities including page views, case studies, products, downloads, videos viewed and more. Clients with multiple websites can track the visitors across sites. CANDDi uses this data to build a profile of interests / engagement so marketing teams can identify what's working and what's not.

First Party Cookie
The first time a visitor arrives on the site CANDDi drops a ‘very sticky’ first-party-cookie with a unique identifier. In addition, CANDDi takes a fingerprint of the device configuration. Any action the visitor takes is tracked against this identifier.
“Continual” re-Identification
When the visitor returns the cookie re-identifies precisely the same visitor, uniquely providing all their previous browsing history. Unless the visitor reinstalls Windows or purchases a new machine then CANDDi will spot the visitor time and time again.
Especially with B2B businesses where there is a long decision making process for CANDDi to spot the same visitor across months, or even years, of engagement.
Multiple devices - Single profiles
Visitors who are identified across multiple machines have a single CANDDi profile. This enables precise knowledge about engagement for ROI and for Sales targeting.

Follow up intelligently with Email Integration

Because we track individual people on your website, you can speak to the right person at the right time with the right message. CANDDi integrates with all email marketing platforms, one-to-one emails using Outlook or Gmail, your website forms, any inbound phone calls and with our lightweight capture technologies.

Email Marketing Integration
There’s no need to switch Email Marketing Platform! CANDDi integrates with EVERY Email Service Provider (ESP) on the market; MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, DotMailer, e-Shot, etc… We’ve not yet found a platform we can’t integrate with.
Outlook / Gmail / Thunderbird - 1-2-1 Email Integration
Not only Email Marketing - CANDDi also integrates into the 1-2-1 emails sent by sales-professionals.
Form integration
Enquiry forms, Search forms, Newsletter subscriptions, CANDDi will capture data from any form on your website.
Lightweight capture technologies
CANDDi Capture - our in session lightweight form - has been proven 2-4x more effective at capturing user details than contact or enquiry forms.

Alert! Ensuring right people know at the right time

Getting the right information to the best members of the team at the appropriate time is critical. A difference of minutes or hours can dramatically affect the probability of a success. Real-time alerts can be delivered via email or directly into your CRM system. Nightly or on-demand reports can be scheduled for less time-sensitive results.

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