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Based in London, Ace IT Relocation is an IT relocation company that works with companies and businesses looking to move major servers and IT infrastructure. They specialise in offering a bridge between logistical and IT support, and have the capabilities to move rack-mountable servers between offices and data centres. The company also offers IT relocation on a smaller scale for companies in the process of moving premises as well as fully certificated data erasure and hardware recycling services on a large scale.

Author: Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Senior Account Manager at IT Relocation

London, UK


Company Ace IT Relocation
URL www.aceitrelocation.co.uk
Main locations London
Business sector IT relocation
Relationship started January 2015


Before using CANDDi, Ace IT Relocation had no marketing automation or visitor tracking tools in place. As a business that delivers a specialised service to a specific sector, they were looking for software that would allow them to generate sales leads by identifying the companies who were already landing on their website.

Ace IT Relocation sales director Kyle Taylor was initially exploring a different marketing automation tool alongside CANDDi. However, after a joint two week trial Kyle felt that CANDDi offered the best option when it came to the financial investment and the returns that they could realise. They were able to identify a number of leads from Ace IT Relocation’s existing web traffic and CANDDi’s flexible approach also convinced Kyle of the software’s strength.

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CANDDi for Ace IT Relocation

Ace IT Relocation is now using CANDDi’s visitor identification tools, that include IP reverse look-up and Companies House data, to identify the prospects visiting their site. These prospects are then assigned to different feeds allowing the company to keep on top of developing leads. CANDDi’s ability to integrate with other platforms and marketing approaches, such as tailored e-shots, has encouraged Ace IT Relocation to explore further options for generating business leads. In addition to this, insights gained from using CANDDi have also seen the company rework much of their website content.

“We’ve completely redone our website after we found a number of large companies had landed on the site but had not contacted us.

“We took a second look and felt that our layout, structure and content was a bit outdated and so decided to spend time and effort in redesigning and rewriting much of what we had in place.”

  • Kyle Taylor, Ace IT Relocation
CANDDi for Ace IT Relocation

The Benefits

CANDDi has helped Ace IT Relocation significantly increase the number of leads they are able to identify from traffic landing on their website. The company has now gone from having an average of five leads per week to five leads per day. They are also benefiting from a redesigned website, inspired by insights gained from using CANDDi.

Ace IT Relocation continues to offer large companies server moves, PC/computer transportation, office moves or entire data centre relocations anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Kyle Taylor, Ace IT Relocation

“When CANDDi was introduced to me I thought it would be an ideal solution to the problems we had in identifying leads.

“It’s a great tool and identifying the traffic that’s coming to our website makes for a warmer introduction if you do follow it up with a call.

“A lot of business comes from partner referrals and we’re not always sure about the credibility of these leads. But CANDDi allows us to focus on the referrals that are genuine opportunities by showing us which ones have actually been visiting our site.”

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