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Using data to build relationships with your prospects

Published 12 Jun 2020 by Dan Wingfield, CANDDi
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CANDDi is, in its simplest form, a tool which gives you data about your website visitors.

But speaking in those terms brings to mind number crunching and mind-numbing graphs, instead of what it’s really all about, connecting with people.

I recently caught up with one of our customers Pomegranate Commercial Finance about how they use CANDDi in their day-to-day, and they were a fantastic example of the interpersonal power of visitor tracking.

So in the interest of spreading the word about the true nature of CANDDi, I thought I’d explain their specific use case in this blog post.

If you’re not yet a CANDDi user, this is a great way to get an idea of the daily ‘flow’ of tracking your website visitors. And if you’re already a CANDDi user… well, you might just learn something!


The need for building relationships

There are a lot of businesses out there that can sell their products and services with zero human interaction. Just automated email campaigns or ads, and a website that handles transactions.

This isn’t the case for the Finance sector.

Because financial services are so dependent on trust and relationships, there isn’t really a “product” or single, one-size-fits-all service for Pomegranate.

Instead, the real purpose of their website is to set up meetings. That’s why it makes so much sense for the team to use the information CANDDi provides to tailor their outreach to each visitor.

First thing’s first: identifying prospects

In order to get individual visitors identified (remember, we want “Joe Bloggs from JoeCorp” not just “1 visit from JoeCorp”) the Pomegranate team uses two main methods.

website tracking tools

The first is via one-to-one emails; they reach out to businesses they think are a good fit for their services, and include a link to the Pomegranate website in the email.

Since CANDDi automatically tracks any links like this, the prospect only needs to click once. After this, they’re identified in CANDDi. Every time they return to the Pomegranate website, CANDDi will recognize them!

The second way Pomegranate reaches out to prospects is over LinkedIn. In this case, they’re encouraged to download Pomegranate’s whitepaper in order to learn more.

Enter: CANDDi Download! The second someone downloads the file, they become identified in CANDDi. And you guessed it… they’ll be recognized every time they return to the Pomegranate website.

Getting the timing right

So. What’s the point in getting prospects identified in CANDDi?

It’s a fair question; since the Pomegranate team is reaching out to these people, they *already* know who they are, right?

Well, the exciting thing about CANDDi is the ability to recognize when these individuals are hitting your website.

In Pomegranate’s case, they can set up custom alerts so they know exactly when high value prospects are hitting their website.

That means they can pick up the phone and get in touch at the perfect time, when they know with certainty that the prospect is thinking about financial services.

Having valuable conversations

Every time CANDDi recognizes a return visitor on the website, it will add all of their visitor activity into the profile. Every click, every webpage; you’ll see it all in a neat little activity log!

This means the Pomegranate team already has a good idea of the prospect’s interests before they even pick up the phone.

The first step to building any relationship is understanding. And CANDDi’s activity log provides a nice little shortcut to make that happen.

The result? Pomegranate’s business development team can rest assured that they’re getting the full picture about their high-value prospects, and not letting any opportunities slip through their fingers.

Would you like to see what CANDDi can do for your business? Get started with our one-month free trial here!

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