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CANDDi Insights adds Email Notifications

Published 11 May 2013 by Tim Langley, CANDDi
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CANDDi updated its CANDDi Insights suite with Notify Me, a powerful email alert system for sales people who now can be notified in real time, directly in their inbox, when a prospect is back on the website.

Gitflow diagram showing all major scenarios

One of the recurring feedback we’ve received was our product was great but we had to make things easier for sales people to know when something important was happening on their website.

Indeed, we are all busy, and even if we love the idea of you using our system on a daily basis, we understand you have better things to do than spending hours watching the CANDDi Insights dashboard. Isn’t it said that “the best technology is the one you don’t see”?

At CANDDi we are very excited to release our next enhancement to make your life easier:

“Notify me”

Notify me is easy, sales people need to:

  1. tell CANDDi Insights what action should trigger a notification by email
  2. close their dashboard and go back to their activities

Once set up CANDDi automation works the magic and leads just come straight to their inbox

The sales person will be notified in real time via email when a lead matches the criteria. All with a beautiful email that displays the summary of the activity of the visitor: name, email, phone, company, location, number of visits, total duration, products viewed, documents downloaded…

The obvious alerts to set up with Notify Me are:

  • every time someone becomes identified

This typically happens when someone fills in a form for example, or clicks on an email you’ve sent with some tracking code in it. Suddenly you’ll get the info in real time AND also precious information your CRM will not tell you, such as number of visits, products viewed, documents downloaded, geographic location…

  • every time a prospect is back on the website

Did you know about your old prospect that suddenly has budget to buy your product and is back on your website looking at your offering and updated prices?

Well, maybe you haven’t because a competitor spoke to him before he contacted you.

Now you’ll know when that happens and will be able to engage with him with minimum delay.

Here’s an example of a real lead I received yesterday in my inbox. What if you could receive the same information for each enquiry?

Feel free to leave some comments below, we LOVE your feedback.

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