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CANDDi Automation

Published 24 Nov 2017 by Janie Krahulcova, CANDDi
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Last month we brought to you new email notification look. This month we are announcing a soon to be launched feature of CANDDi which is super exciting and will make our clients' life much easier! As the title suggests we are about to automate...

#…CRM integrations!

As is the habit of our developers, they are always working on CANDDi to make it run efficiently and to be more user-friendly. Which is why we will be releasing CANDDi Automation!

CANDDi automation is our own version of CRM integration. At the moment we are using Zapier to integrate with our clients’ CRM. It is a handy tool. However, like any third party tool, it is out of our control what data we can pull through and which CRMs we can integrate with.

Having CANDDi automation will enable us to integrate with any CRM as long as it has an open API key. But also, it will allow us to set up bespoke criteria for our clients in terms of what information they want to pull through into their CRM. It is so that they can have all their leads and hot prospects in one centralised system and from there they can pass those to their sales team.

In the long run, we will be looking to replace all our Zapier integrations with CANDDi Automation. So stay tuned for this one because it will be hot once it’s out the oven!

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