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Speed - The Biggest Issue in Mobilegeddon?

The dust is finally starting to settle after “mobilegeddon” - the recent Google update which was designed to prioritise websites that are mobile-friendly and penalise websites with non-responsive layouts or layouts that are difficult for mobile users to navigate.

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Tracking Store Visits Using Google AdWords

The prevailing perception of analytics is that it is something which is useful only for tracking online visits and conversions. While it’s true that it is certainly easier to track clicks and website visits, Google does make it possible to get an idea of the real-world performance of your ad campaigns.

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TMRW Conference 2015

Today was the first ever TMRW conference, and it was AWESOME. It was a one day event at Manchester Central, and is apparently a place where ‘those defining the future meet those ready to embrace it’ - it left me feeling inspired, a little bit freaked out, in awe, and generally very enthusiastic about both tech and about Manchester!

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Measuring Search Terms - Brand vs Non-Brand

If there’s one area where analytics is incredibly important, it is understanding the performance of your search marketing campaigns. If you are going to spend money on paid search, then you need to have some strong goals in mind so that you can accurately measure the performance of your campaigns and optimise them effectively.

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How PR Reduced CANDDi's Sales Cycle

When Tim Langley, from website and prospect identification company CANDDi, was in the process of revising his marketing strategy, PR was in his opinion a ‘bit of an indulgence’. The company had tried a traditional approach to public relations in the past and ended up with lots of noise but very little in terms of ROI. Tim, a Cambridge mathematics graduate and digital entrepreneur, is a self-confessed geek with an analytical mind that looks for quantifiable returns from any investment.

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