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Bing Planning Merchant Center Improvements

Bing is planning to make several improvements to its Merchant Center, including improvements to the tracking and analytics features. The Bing Merchant Center is used to create stores and catalog feeds which can provide information for Shopping Campaigns as well as Product Ads.

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React Native, Building CANDDi’s iOS App

Since inception, CANDDi was built as a Software as a Service. Our customers were and are able to access the platform wherever they are from a web browser. However, in the past years, we have seen a change in trend in the way sales have been done. When a deal must be closed and there is the need for imminent information, a web application is not enough.

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How the Internet of Things Is Growing Analytics

Today, almost every device that you can imagine can be connected to the internet, and this presents some interesting opportunities for all kinds of business. From wearable tech to Wi-Fi-enabled fridges, the Internet of Things spans all industries and offers business owners the chance to learn about customer behaviour, predict customer demand and engage with consumers in a range of new and innovative ways.

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What to Look for in Big Data Analytics Tools

Analytics is far more than just a buzz-word these days. Analytics tools are essential for business owners who want to be able to take advantage the data that is being created, in real time, as people use your website and interact with your brand online.

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