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Apple Testing an App Analytics Service

In preparation for the WWDC Developer Conference, which is set to take place in June, Apple has opened up the beta program for its new iOS app analytics service. The service is simply named “Apple’s App Analytics”, and it will offer mobile app developers access to detailed insights about the way that people use their apps.

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Rolls Royce under the bonnet

As budding marketers, we all know the importance of an effective Google search presence...whether that be Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click. Like it or not, nearly all modern day purchases seem to include a cheeky Google search at some point. And being proudly sat in those golden SERPs when prospects come hunting is a central focus for most aspiring marketing campaigns these days.

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Using Personas to Build Your Audience

The benefits of analytics as a tool to help webmasters understand where their visitors are coming from and how they behave on their websites are clearly known and understood, but what many people don't realize is that analytics has other benefits too. Through the use of tools such as personas you can build up a clearer profile of your target audience, allowing you to not just get more traffic,but get better traffic - traffic that will more easily convert.

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From Analytics to Engagement

The analytics market is becoming quite mature, but many people still underestimate the value of it. Your website is your online store front - the most important part of your customer acquisition strategy - and while analytics may not be the “hot new trend” any more, it is still an essential part of your data-gathering efforts. Analytics can feed other tools which help to improve engagement on your website.

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Could Power BI Rejuvenate Analytics?

Microsoft recently released Power BI, a browser-based platform for data visualization which is capable of pulling data from a range of other tools, including its own Dynamics CRM platform as well as Google Analytics, Twilio and Salesforce. Power BI is based in the cloud, and it assimilates data from several streams, producing graphs and charts for businesses to explore. It does this rapidly, without relying on old-fashioned relational databases.

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New Mobile-Friendly Google Algorithm Coming

Any business with a website offering payment processing should be pursuing all possible ways to maximise customer purchases. In a world where internet is increasingly accessed on-the-go, it is more important than ever to ensure crucial pages in an ecommerce site are optimised for mobile devices.

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