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Do You Understand Why Shoppers Abandon Their Carts?

Search marketing is the process of getting people to come to a website, but what about once people are there? It takes a lot of research and user tracking to understand how people engage with a website, and it can take some tweaking and testing to figure out why users abandon their carts.

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Important Trends in Advanced Analytics

Imagine if you could predict product demand and price changes, understand how the changing seasons would affect your business and model possible scenarios that could benefit or threaten your business. That is exactly what big businesses are doing, and it’s something that smaller companies should be working on too.

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Small Businesses and Big Data

Even the smallest businesses are learning to take advantage of web analytics today, thanks to the power and ease of use of tools such as Google Analytics, but most businesses don’t realise that there is more to analytics than simply traffic sources and keyword data.

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Analytics Important for Social Media Too

Most businesses know that they should have a website and a social media policy, but it is all too common for SMEs, in particular, to simply nominate a tech-loving member of staff to take care of the company’s social media profiles, and to then forget about the issue of social media altogether. This is a big mistake, because it means that not only is there the risk of an off-hand comment or thoughtless retweet turning into a PR-disaster for the brand, but it also means that you could be missing out on some valuable traffic sources and information.

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