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How Integrating Analytics and CRM Can Help Your Business

If your business has an online component, then integrating Analytics and CRM can provide you with a lot of incredibly valuable information that you can use to grow and build your business. Most online businesses use a combination of PPC, SEO, email marketing, display advertising and social media marketing to reach their target audience.

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The Benefits of Using Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool, but it is something that a lot of webmasters overlook, as they assume that getting the full benefit out of it is simply too much effort. Webmasters who choose to ignore Analytics, however, are missing out on some important and valuable information that they could use to reduce their bounce rate, improve their advertising ROI and generally make their website friendlier to visitors and search engines.

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Digital Marketing Show 2014

After a fantastic experience last year, CANDDi are returning to the Digital Marketing Show at the ExCeL in London on 19th - 20th November 2014 and would love to catch up with customers and prospects alike.

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What Can Analytics Tools Tell You

Analytics and tracking systems are some of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of the modern webmaster. If you have ever found yourself wondering what your visitors are doing, where they are going on your website and why some visitors are leaving without completing a purchase, then you will benefit from analytics.

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