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Analytics and the User Experience

When most people think of analytics, the first thing that comes to mind is traffic tracking. They use it to test the performance of their marketing campaigns and to see which products are converting the best. You can do so much more with analytics, however. In the right hands, if you ask the right questions, it can be a tool for improving the overall end-user experience.

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Looker Simplifying Business Logic and Analytics

The data platform company Looker has just announced a new product, called Looker Blocks, which it hopes will help to simplify business analytics. Looker Blocks are reusable and customizable apps which will provide easy access to common components of business logic, such as lifetime value and churn prediction. The goal is to offer business owners access to that data quickly and easily so that they can analyse the needs of their organisation.

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CANDDi Office Warming Party

The CANDDi office warming party was awesome, thanks so much to all that attended. It was really lovely to celebrate with friends and family...apologies for the overly hyper children who were running around amongst you all.

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Start Up Baby Diaries - Part 1

As some of you may know, I've recently had baby number two. Sophia was born on 4th September, a week late, weighing in at a mahoosive 10lbs and 12oz! Apart from being perpetually exhausted, and my flat being a complete pink mess at the moment, all is going great.

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Hype vs Reality and the Internet of Things

Analytics has been the “next big thing” in the world of IT for a long time now. Every few months a new technology comes along that experts promise will revolutionise the world of data. From Hadoop and Apache Spark to more futuristic ideas such as the predictive technologies of the “Internet of Things”, it’s hard to know what’s just hype and what will really deliver.

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