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Accenture Launches Cloud Insights Platform

Accenture has launched a new cloud-based analytics system which is designed to offer real-time insights in a simple, easy to understand and actionable format. The Accenture Insights Platform comprises an integrated suite of analytics tools as well as enterprise support for users. The tools will offer insights in a way that can be used effectively by data scientists, marketing managers and C-level executives to help them make informed decisions.

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Why You Should Analyse Your Indirect Competitors

It’s well known that having a good understanding of your audience makes it easier for you to reach them and turn them into loyal customers, and the value of analysing your direct competitors is something that most marketers do appreciated. But one area of market research and analytics that is often overlooked is that of your indirect competitors.

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DoubleClick Adding Cross-Device Measurement

Tracking transactions that are completed using more than one device is something that has been problematic in the world of analytics and online marketing for some time, but that is all set to change as Google is looking to add cross-device management to its DoubleClick program.

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Pinot Analytics Software Goes Open-Source

LinkedIn announced the development of the Pinot analytics software in September 2014, and the news generated a lot of excitement in the world of big data, because the professional networking website has always had a good reputation for its skill in handling huge amounts of information and using it for the enrichment of its own applications.

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Using Analytics to Find High-Value Targets

If you are committed to increasing your search ROI, then it is important that you focus on finding high-value targets. Those targets are the ones that allow you to build engagement and improve your website's performance in general - things such as having fresh, relevant content, a high quality score and highly optimized content and marketing.

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