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5 Ways Visitor Tracking Software Works For You

Published 09 Feb 2022 by Saadia Choudry, CANDDi
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Have you noticed a sudden spike in traffic to your site? Or perhaps you've been spending hours trying to figure out who is visiting your site, only for the numbers to drop soon after. You're certainly not alone. In fact, visitor tracking is becoming one of the most important tools in online marketing campaigns, due to its ability to provide valuable visitor data that helps you better understand your visitors needs.

In the past, companies used to rely on webmaster tools or tracking software available through their service provider. While these have been a good first step in visitor tracking, they don't offer as much information as dedicated visitor tracking software does, such as CANDDi.

The visitor tracking software market is still growing, which means there are an abundance of tools that will help you get better results from your visitor analytics. We'll go over the top 5 visitor tracking software tactics below to provide some insight into how this software can boost your company's online marketing efforts.


1. Knowing Which Companies are Visiting Your Website

For marketers, visitor tracking software is an invaluable tool for knowing exactly who is visiting a site. One of the most common visitor tracking software tactics is to use visitor data to create a list of companies that have visited your website.

By determining which companies are visiting your site, you can get a better idea of where to focus your efforts when creating content. For example, let’s say visitor tracking software found that a large percentage of visitors on your site were from Microsoft and were managers or IT professionals that deal with email and other online applications. Armed with this information, your company can provide a visitor whitepaper on how to maximize one’s marketability in the field, while offering a visitor webinar on how to use different online applications. It’s clear visitor tracking software that will help you deliver the right content, at the right time, to your ideal customers.

2. Knowing What Interests a Visitor May Have

In addition to knowing which companies are visiting a website, visitor tracking software allows marketers to get a better idea of visitor interests based on which content they’re viewing. This visitor information allows marketing teams to create visitor-focused content on new products or services, while offering visitor blog posts offering more insight into how a particular product can help solve their pain points.

Since visitor tracking software presents marketers with visitor data in real time, companies are able to determine what visitors are interested in and when they’re most likely to buy. Then, marketers can ensure visitor content is scheduled during visitor times of high interest, while blog posts are published in advance to help the visitor make a purchasing decision.

3. Knowing When to Follow-Up on a Potential Sale

Gone are the days where companies rely on cold calling and the hit and miss method to convert visitors into customers. Companies can use visitor tracking software to determine which visitors are ready to buy, with visitor data presented in real time.

Knowing when a visitor is ready to make a purchasing decision allows marketers to reach out on the right channel at the right time. For example, visitors can be followed up with phone calls to thank them for their interest and answer any questions they may have about the webinar content. Visitors who read visitor blog posts can be given a visitor call to action (CTA) asking them to join a newsletter or provide an email address in return for access to other visitor resources.

4. Important Insights Into Your Marketing Campaign

When visitor tracking software is used in tandem with a strong marketing plan, companies can see how visitor engagement impacts visitor leads and conversions. For example, companies can learn more about which visitors are most likely to convert after attending a visitor webinar by reviewing visitor analytics that show where the visitor stopped watching the webinar halfway through.

This valuable insight allows marketers to monitor marketing campaigns effectively by adjusting marketing campaign content to ensure visitor success. Companies can also use visitor tracking software to see which visitor engagement tactics are successful at driving visitor leads, such as a visitor giveaway at the end of a visitor webinar or presenting a live Q&A session with company experts.

5. Increase Conversion Rate with Important Data

The visitor data presented by visitor tracking software allows marketing teams to create highly targeted visitor campaigns that boost conversion rates and leads for their company website. If you’re unsure which visitor engagement tactics are most effective for visitor leads, check out our other blog posts.

By tracking visitor engagement, visitor behavior, and visitor analytics from your visitor tracking software and visitor blog posts, visitor tracking software helps marketers deliver the right content to their ideal customers at just the right time.

Meanwhile, effective visitor campaigns can be created using visitor list segmentation that allows marketers to target visitors based on their interests. This tactic is commonly used to segment visitor lists into different visitor types (e.g. visitor webinar readers vs. blog subscribers) to encourage visitor behavior that is most beneficial for the business.

Another example would be for visitor lists to be segmented according to visitor demographic information (age, gender, location), allowing marketers to determine which visitors are most likely to buy and respond to visitor engagement tactics. Then, marketing teams can adjust their visitor webinar and visitor blog content to ensure that the right visitors are being targeted with visitor webinars and visitor blog posts.


As a marketer, visitor tracking software is an invaluable asset that can help you monitor visitor behavior on your website and provide visitor success with the right visitor engagement tactics.

By monitoring visitor engagement and visitor behavior from website analytics, companies can determine which visitor types are ready to make a purchase and which visitor engagement tactics are most likely to drive visitor leads.

Marketing teams can then use visitor tracking software to create targeted visitor campaigns that encourage visitor behavior that is most beneficial for the business.

As a result, visitor tracking can help companies boost conversion rates and generate more visitor leads.

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