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Learn 5 Advantages To Identifying Website Visitors

Published 14 Feb 2022 by Chris Glover, CANDDi
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Our online world is constantly changing. A new website, a new marketing strategy can throw leads into an unknown abyss. You’re still looking for that big break to get noticed by the market you want to reach and it doesn’t seem like anything you do is breaking through this barrier. Identifying website visitors gives you the ability to identify and nurture leads, while also finding which marketing strategies are working best for lead generation. With CANDDi’s visitor identification, you can generate more leads through your website and better understand what content strategy is driving traffic and converting website visitors into leads. Using this data, you can make better marketing decisions and target your future content to better engage your website visitors. Here are 5 advantages to identifying website visitors, to ensure you engage them with relevant content and give you the competitive edge in your industry.

Magnifying Glass

1. Know Who’s Visited Your Website

Start using CANDDi to track interactions with your website, emails, ads and social media channels to see what is working well at engaging people who are interested in your product or service. This way you can create a more personalized experience for each visitor. The more you know about who is visiting your website, the easier it will be to target content that they will find appealing and helpful.

With the advancement of technology and the advancement of marketing systems, there is a never-ending supply of new content to be shared. By identifying website visitors, you can better provide them with relevant content without having to guess what they’re looking for.

Identifying individuals as soon as they land on your website allows you to engage with them straight away. There’s nothing more off-putting than being welcomed by a sales pitch from a complete stranger. By identifying visitors on your website, you can put yourself in their shoes and create content that is relevant to them rather than just appealing to the masses.

Identifying website visitors can also help you carry out tests in your marketing campaigns to see which of your marketing strategies are working best for lead generation.

2. You Can Attract More Leads

Not everyone that visits your site needs to become a lead immediately. In fact, getting leads or leads-in-waiting is beneficial. If you’re looking to build trust and rapport with potential customers, then track their interactions and allow them to engage with certain content before asking for information such as names and emails. This can create a relationship that will pay off later.

The main reason for tracking website visitors is to identify the people who are most likely to convert into sales leads. This can be done by identifying visitor behavior, demographics, interest levels, previous actions taken on site, and other information that can help you determine who your most valuable customers are.

Once you’ve identified who your most promising leads are, target them through email marketing. You can also use this information to create personalized landing pages. Be sure to provide your most promising leads with the information they’re looking for on these pages, as well as other key marketing content that will entice them into becoming customers.

3. Know What They Are Looking At

If you know what your visitors are looking at, then you can get a better idea of their interests and turn that into generating leads. Content is the backbone to any online strategy, allowing you to engage with prospective customers and giving you more chances to make a sale.

If you have the ability to target marketing efforts, it will increase your conversions and sales. Most marketing strategies are not specific enough because they do not narrow their audience enough to offer information that interests them. If you can identify who is on your website, then you are able to provide content that is relevant to each customer. This may mean you are able to send an email that speaks their language or offers products they are looking for in which they are willing to spend money. Each marketing campaign will become more specific and targeted, increasing your conversions, ROI, and overall sales.

4. Identify What Marketing Brought Them to Your Site

What was the last marketing campaign that provided leads to your website? Where did those leads come from? Most of the time, you don’t know. CANDDi tells you how many people came to your website from each marketing source. With that information in hand, it will be significantly easier for you to engage with marketers that produce leads consistently.

The best way to get more traffic and leads to your site is through SEO and PPC. But you need to know which keywords brought people there in the first place to help identify other keywords that might turn into a source of income. You can use this information to create content or products that will be helpful knowing who’s been on your website.

5. Know What They Are Doing on Your Site

Web analytics isn’t just helpful in judging where the money goes towards marketing spend, you can also gather information about what your website visitors are doing. If they watched a video, if they read an article or downloaded a document then this will be great data to know which marketing strategies and content is working well for you.

Even without knowing what your visitors are doing on your site, you can still get helpful data about their behavior by tracking which pages they visit. This will give you an idea of how the website is being used and what information is most important to them, in addition to identifying their interests.


In conclusion, knowing who’s been to your site and what they have been up to can really help with targeting the right people with the right content. Creating personalized experiences, seeing how your marketing is performing will ensure you are one step ahead of the competition.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a question about anything that we have covered today. And if you’d like to learn more about tracking your website visitors or any of our other services, be sure to check out the CANDDi free trial!

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