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Embrace Company Profiles

Published 27 Sep 2017 by Janie, CANDDi
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Don't we all like a fully identified profile where we know who it is we need to speak to? Well, let me tell you that even company profile can be hidden diamonds.

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Test your site with Google

Published 25 Jul 2017 by Brian, CANDDi
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At CANDDi we are always looking for ways to help you get more sales. A good start to this is to help you keep your web visitors visiting!

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Does your social media make you look bad?

Published 04 Jul 2017 by Daniel, CANDDi
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Here we look at some social media mistakes that could end up losing you sales. Some are easily avoided, others take time and effort to build on to avoid. By sticking to all of them, you will have a much better experience with social media, as will clients and prospects.

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3 Steps to Capitalising on Behavioural Data

Published 22 Jun 2017 by Daniel, CANDDi
Read this in about 5 minutes

What do you know about your customers? There might be things you haven’t even realised you’ve gathered. You might even be pondering delving into the world of behavioural data but haven’t got a clue where to start! We’ve attempted to simplify why and how you can gather intent data and use it for your business.

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Four Form Ideas to Increase Your Leads

Published 19 Jun 2017 by Daniel, CANDDi
Read this in about 2 minutes

Here we’re taking a look at getting more creative with the web forms used on your website. The “Contact Us” form is a given on any site, but how do you expect to truly increase your conversions without thinking about ways to incentivise visitors to engage? We’ve broken down four ways that might get you to start increasing those numbers!

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Understanding your Digital Touchpoints

Published 02 Jun 2017 by Brian, CANDDi
Read this in about 4 minutes

Where does the sales cycle truly being? Is it when a prospective buyer has called in to enquire? The first email your sales team has sent? Or is it built up over time with the various interactions and experiences with your brand, even online? Here we’ve taken a look at the opportunities that “digital touchpoints” provide businesses to leave impressions on their market, ultimately leading to a fuller sales funnel.

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8 ways to make your email marketing a success

Published 26 May 2017 by Ed, CANDDi
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With so many resources, ideas and variables out there on improving how you email market, it’s easy to forget the simple stuff. Here we’ve put together 8 simple steps that will ensure you get yourself on the right track and achieve the goals you’ve set out for your email campaigns.

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