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Black Friday Shopping Trends Online

Google’s analytics and trends data can provide some interesting information about shopping, searching and even which stores people are visiting when - not just online, but in real life too. One thing that people forget when they’re thinking about analytics is that Google doesn’t just provide data about website visits; it has access to the location data of a huge number of Android device owners - and that location data includes things like what stores people are visiting, and when.

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The Evolution of Google Analytics

Way back in 2003, Google purchased Urchin Software and then used their technology to launch the first free analytics platform that offered commercial-grade analytics. The platform is now one of the most well-known and frequently used analytics tools in the world (perhaps more accurately, it is the most used), but it has now grown so big that most people still don’t really know how to use all of the features.

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Startup Baby Diaries - Part 3

When Tim asked if I wanted to go the Thinking Digital Conference the other week I was like “Yes, that’d be awesome!” as I’m on maternity leave it wouldn’t be like I’m missing a day of work, my 5 year old would be in school, and my 8 week old….crap….how would I go to a business conference with an 8 week old? What if she cries during a talk? Will they have baby changing facilities? How am I going to manoeuvre the pushchair around loads of people? I guess I could have just told Tim it’s probably a bad idea...but that’d be boring, right?

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