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A Look at the World of Content Analytics

The overall goal of content analytics is to take digital content and then examine it through the lens of business intelligence so that business owners can get actionable insights into their data. This is something that has been a fairly constant thing over the last few years - the idea of content analytics is nothing new - but the types of content and the sheer volume of content being produced have changed a lot recently.

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Linguist in a World of Digital Stuff

My name is Janie and up until just recently, I must admit that I had little idea about what I wanted to do or what the real world was like. But thanks to CANDDi, I can now brush the dust of my shoulders and say; “はい、分かってるよ!” Yes, I am a near graduate from the University of Manchester, majoring in Japanese studies. Please don’t be shocked, I have no idea myself how I made it this far.

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Essential Components of a Modern Analytics Architecture

Big data is something that is becoming more and more accessible to organisations of all sizes, and there is a strong trend towards functions being carried out in the cloud. This is good news for organisations that want to revamp their analytics approach, because it means that they can take advantage of the massive processing power of cloud servers, and use tools that they would otherwise never have access to.

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BI and Data Analytics Market Growing

The Business Information and data analytics market is expected to reach $16.9 billion this year, but the amazing growth is not a guarantee of success for vendors. Companies are becoming increasingly sophisticated in what they want from their analytics, and only the vendors that offer the option to pull from multiple data sources are likely to achieve success.

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Essential “Laws” for Analytics and Data Mining

Analytics tools are now so common and so affordable that every business could - and should - be using them. However, big data is useless if you don’t use that data to ask and answer the right questions. One prominent data mining expert, Mr Tom Khabaza, has put together nine laws that he believes are the foundation of good analytics.

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