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Microsoft Releases R Server for Analytics

Microsoft recently released the R Server, a server based on software from Revolution Analytics and designed for use in statistical analysis. Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics in April of last year, and has released “Microsoft R Open” as a server for Windows, SUSE Linux and Red Hat.

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Google’s Universal Analytics Rollout Complete

Google began its rollout of Universal Analytics back in 2012 and has slowly but steadily been adding new features to the platform, but it was only at the end of 2015 that it completed the rollout, and automatically upgraded all users of the analytics platform from Classic to Universal Analytics.

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Analytics - Why Keeping It Simple Still Matters

Big data analytics has become a buzz-word in almost every industry. In many ways, the idea of analytics today is like the idea of having an online presence in the late 1990s. Everyone knows that it would be a good thing to have, but few people really understand why it matters and what it could do for them.

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Analytics in Retrospective - The Advances of 2015

This past year has been a big one for analytics, with some revolutionary advances in terms of how we track users as well as how we reach them. It’s not just the technology that has changed, either. The way that users engage with content has changed too, and people are now ditching their desktops to use mobile devices. In addition, whatever platform we are using, fewer and fewer of us are willing to wait for slide shows to load. We are an always connected generation, but one that is more demanding and less patient.

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