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Boosting Your Business: Where To Buy Leads?

Published 04 Jan 2023 by Jasmine Collins, CANDDi
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According to HubSpot, 50% of marketers believe that lead generation is a top priority for a marketing campaign. Lead generation is crucial for the success of your business. But generating leads isn't always easy, and the B2B market is extremely competitive.

Utilizing lead buying is a strategy that can greatly benefit your business. It makes discovering new customers simple and easy. But where to buy leads?

While lead buying is an excellent marketing tool for boosting businesses, there are a few things you need to know. Today's article will cover lead buying and the best places to buy leads. Keep reading to streamline your B2B lead generation with lead buying today.

Get Leads

What Is a Lead Provider?

Lead providers help you fill your sales pipeline with fresh marketing opportunities. They sell you lead lists or B2B lead databases to help you save time, money, and effort.

In addition, lead providers help ease the challenging work of generating leads by yourself.

When Should You Buy Leads?

Leads are like wads of cash; you’ll always want to acquire more. So you can buy leads at any time. But some companies buy leads because of the following reasons.

When Leads Go Dry

If your pipeline is looking empty, your business will start suffering. If you track your leads and notice a hard decrease, it’s probably a beneficial time to consider lead buying.

When You Need a Boost

Your business doesn’t have to be in a nosedive to consider buying leads. If you find that sales are dropping, strengthen your marketing department with a new list of leads.

Entering New Markets

Transitioning into a new market means that you need to find leads fast. To save yourself time, buy some leads. It’s a perfect way to establish yourself in a new market sector.

Buying Leads: Red Flags

Buying leads has its occasional pitfalls, so you’ll want to be careful who you buy from. Always ensure you buy from a reputable lead provider that doesn’t scam you.

Some companies sell fake lists or low-quality leads that get you nowhere. This can waste valuable company time and resources, so always stay vigilant.

How to Buy Leads

When buying leads, you’ll want to take a few things into mind. These steps will help you prepare for finding a lead provider. And they’ll ensure the provider is a good fit.

Screening the Provider

Before you buy from a lead provider, check their offerings. Do they provide more than just a list? For example, do they offer tailored lists that meet your company’s needs?

Review the provider for other vital information, like where they source their leads. Check for customer relationship management integration (CRM) and free trials. Screening the leads provider will help you ensure they are a legitimate company and not a scammer.

Comparing Prices

Lead pricing can vary based on the industry and services provided by the company. Further, your cost per lead (CPL) must meet your budget and provide valuable leads.

If a lead provider is offering their services at suspiciously low rates, you’ll get what you pay for. If the company offers more features than you need, find a different provider.

Reading Reviews

It’s important to check a provider’s reputation and note what their customers think. You may find negative reviews that make you suspicious, so always check before buying.

If you see a healthy amount of positive reviews, you should be okay to proceed. As a rule of thumb, ensure the company’s rating is at least four stars or above an 85.

Where to Buy Leads (B2B)

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about buying low-quality leads or dealing with scammers. We took the time to find some respected lead providers for you.

Below we’ve listed the top places to buy B2B business leads for the coming new year.


Cognism is one of the most trusted lead providers available. They offer in-depth features like verified phone numbers, direct dials, and new business emails.

Cognism is top-rated for their premium B2B data and their excellent customer service.

Cognsim Pros:

  • Prospecting tools

  • Premium B2B data

  • Intuitive platform

  • GDPR/CCPA compliant

  • Great customer service

Cognism Cons:

  • Leads without phone numbers

  • Not all data is always accurate


Lusha is a B2B prospecting tool for buying premium leads. It’s a great resource for sales reps and recruitment managers who need to reinforce their sales pipeline.

Lusha offers free starter plans, and it’s an effective tool for your daily sales operations.

Lusha Pros:

  • Rich company insight

  • US-based B2B data

  • Latest market trends

  • Easy access

  • Free trials

Lusha Cons:

  • Profiles lack mobile numbers

  • High email bounce rate


ZoomInfo provides users with a powerful B2B database to enrich their marketing strategy. It provides plenty of features, and the platform is frequently updated.

ZoomInfo allows you to build your own database accounts and increase business sales.

ZoomInfo pros:

  • US-based data

  • Easy to use

  • Prospecting features

  • Business information

  • Targeted searches

ZoomInfo cons:

  • Expensive

  • Data inaccuracies


MegaLeads is a tool designed for small businesses, helping them acquire new leads. Business lists are US-based and provide access to business data that are verified in real-time.

Their database is large, also allowing you to target the best leads.

MegaLeads pros:

  • US-based data

  • Targeted searches

  • Data verified in real time

  • Large database

  • Chrome extension

MegaLeads cons:

  • Vague GDPR compliance status

  • No automated CRM integration

Boost Your Leads Today

To ensure you know where to buy leads, check back here and follow our tips. Use lead buying to help you improve your sales pipeline and boost your lead generation. You can buy B2B leads for any circumstance; just make sure to verify who you’re buying from.

Additionally, if you want to track your website visitors, we’d love to help. CANDDi helps you track individuals and capture new leads. Start your free trial with us today!

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