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CANDDi for Specialised Software

Published 20 Nov 2017 by Janie, CANDDi
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Another sector that CANDDi caters to is the specialised software. It can be anything from cloud-based product development for various businesses, recruitment software for a specific industry to creating software that uses geo-location to help collate data to create meaningful business information. All of these businesses have their particular niche and a particular target market that they are operating in. Here is where they find value in CANDDi.

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Prospect FAQ - Do prospects get creeped out?

Published 15 Nov 2017 by Janie, CANDDi
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Daily, our sales reps are being asked some interesting questions by our prospects. It ranges from GDPR oriented questions to why should you even care about tracking. In this following Prospect FAQ series, I’ll take one question at a time and provide you with an answer to satisfy your curiosity. On today’s list we have - do prospects get creeped out?

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GDPR Compliance and CANDDi

Published 13 Nov 2017 by Janie, CANDDi
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Everything I do in CANDDi is customer facing, from my sales role to customer research. In every single role, I come across GDPR questions from prospects and current clients alike. I'm anticipating that more people are going to be asking about this topic more often the closer we get to 25th May 2018. Hence, I've put together this blog that answers questions that are asked the most to put your mind at ease.

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Reasons Why AI Is Important For Business

Published 06 Nov 2017 by Janie, CANDDi
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In a recent post, I wrote about how high technology such as virtual reality might be used in marketing or sales. Today, I will focus on artificial intelligence and the effect it has and will have on businesses in the future as it advances.

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Stop Ignoring Your Website Traffic

Published 02 Nov 2017 by Janie, CANDDi
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Many companies don't seem to understand the importance of their own website. They pour money into it to look pretty, to be easy to navigate, sometimes they even try to get people there. With that level of investment, why are they still refusing to reach the website's full potential? Are you ignoring it too and unintentionally harming your own business as a result?

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Buyer's Guide To Web Analytics

Published 31 Oct 2017 by Janie, CANDDi
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Today’s market is saturated with multitudes of tools that can help you track your website. How do you make the right decision when they all look kind of the same or seem to be doing the same thing? Look no further. I've put together a quick guide to help you in the struggle.

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How To Navigate Realities - Know The Technology Alphabet

Published 30 Oct 2017 by Janie, CANDDi
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Recently, I have been hearing a lot of buzzwords flying around relating to advanced technology with relation to sales and/or marketing. Words like Mixed Reality, Augment Reality, Virtual Reality,… What's the hype about? And more importantly, should this matter to business owners?

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Google Parallel Tracking and CANDDi

Published 27 Oct 2017 by Janie, CANDDi
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Over a week ago, Google has released a post about their new parallel tracking for their AdWords. Many of you might be wondering if any of that has/could have any effect on CANDDi. Let me put your mind at ease. CANDDi tracking has not and will not be affected at all. Here is why.

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