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Survey Monkey Offers New Mobile Analytics

When it comes to analytics and information gathering, one thing that we often forget is the humble survey. Tools such as Survey Monkey make it very easy for business owners to ask questions of their users and collect important information, but until recently, they have primarily been a tool for desktop-based surveys, sent out via email.

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Three Ways to Avoid Common Analytics Mistakes

Big data is becoming an essential tool for understanding your customer base and how they interact with your brand and other brands. In fact, thanks to the power of analytics we can now find answers for questions that we didn’t even realise we wanted to ask.

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Google Unveils New Analytics 360 Suite

Google has just unveiled a new Analytics 360 Suite which is aimed at enterprise-level users and features six products which can be integrated with DoubleClick and AdWords. They can be used both on their own and as a combined toolkit. They include a landing page testing tool, a new DMP and more.

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Machine Learning and Analytics at HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has rolled out a new version of its search and analytics platform for enterprise. The latest update has an increased focus on cloud-based machine learning and unstructured data and helps to speed up the development of both mobile applications and enterprise applications.

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