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Why You Should Track Website Visitors

Published 29 Nov 2021 by Saadia Choudry, CANDDi
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Studies show that 94% of website viewers will distrust a site if the web design is poor, eliminating them as leads and ultimately reducing that site’s sources of revenue.

But what’s the best way to know if your website viewers like your website’s design?

The answer - track website visitors. Get inside information on what users think about your website by tracking their interactions with it.

In the least creepy way possible, we’ve created a website visitor tracking guide with 7 reasons explaining why website visitor tracking will help transform your lead generation process.

Website visitors

Track Known and Anonymous Activity

Each time a new user visits your site, they’ll be assigned a unique ID number. Initially, they’ll be viewed as an anonymous entity. Once they provide contact information or make a purchase, your website will identify them as known.

You can track both unknown and known visitors to your website using the CANDDi first-party cookie system.

Once you know who your customers are, you can target them at just the right time by customizing a consumer journey experience just for them.

Even if you don’t know who a visitor is yet, you can use information from their website visits to personalize pop-ups or generate exclusive first-time discounts.

Get the Most From Your Marketing Budget

You likely spend a significant amount of money each month with the goal of driving more traffic to your website.

But you’ll only know how effective your marketing campaign is once you understand more about the traffic that is reaching your site. By monitoring this data, you can determine where you’re maximizing your ROI.

Take Facebook and Instagram ads. Your website tracking software can tell you which social media platform converted the most visitors from their respective ad campaigns.

Say Instagram generated the most leads. In the future, you can spend more of your digital marketing budget on Instagram ads than on Facebook messaging.

Understand Engagement Level

How much time do visitors spend on each of your website’s pages? Two seconds? Ten?

With website tracking software, you can understand how long visitors are spending on key pages of your website. Along with telling you what content your visitors like, it will also tell you how efficient your website is.

For instance, say the average time a visitor spends on your contact page is only seven seconds before they sign up for emails. This is a sign of an engaging and effective call to action.

Discover Your Weaknesses

Every website has areas for improvement. Discover these areas more quickly by tracking your website visitors.

The way users interact with pages on your site will give you insight into the parts of it they don’t like. For instance, say your “about us” page has high bounce rates, but customers don’t leave your website after viewing it.

This signals to you that users want to be on your site, but don’t want to spend time on that certain page. Now you’re on the right track for analyzing and fixing the problem.

One of the website visitor tracking benefits is that you’ll be able to optimize your content.

High-quality content is key to any SEO strategy, but the definition of high quality will differ between different audiences and customer bases. With web visitor tracking software, you can see what posts are hits and which ones get the least amount of traffic.

Then, you can optimize your content by removing ineffective posts and uploading more of the information that your customer base wants to see.

Remember that each post should have a purpose within the customer journey. Use the traffic from popular posts to motivate viewers to pursue further action on your site.

Learn Where Your Traffic Comes From

What does your typical website visitor look like? This question can be answered by using a few different metrics, including the device your visitors use, their language, their location, and even their age.

When you know the demographic details about your visitors, you can make tailor their consumer journey it is both more enjoyable for them and more likely to generate a new lead for you.

If a large number of your visitors use your site from a mobile device, you know that your priority is to ensure your site is mobile-friendly.

If a lot of your visitors come from a country with a different main language, your website should offer accurate translations of all your services and products.

And if quite a few of your visitors come from a similar age group or area of interest?

You got it - create a personalized experience for them.

Segment Visitors

You’ll want to do more than just create a personalized experience on your website, though. It’s also crucial for your to keep the attention of users once they leave your site.

Segment your visitors with the help of tracking and automation software to trigger certain customer journeys.

A customer who has viewed your site 3 times in the past week but hasn’t made a purchase could receive an email providing an exclusive gift with a purchase made in the next week.

A website visitor who has looked at a product page four times without inputting contact information could receive a pop-up for 15% of their purchase with email sign-up.

Track Website Visitors the Right Way With CANDDi

Certain tracking and analytics methods are better than others. Track website visitors the right way by relying on the expertise of the CANDDi platform.

See for yourself how you can gain true visibility over your website visitors by signing up for our 14-day free trial. Let’s identify your visitors!

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