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Update- what's been keeping us quiet these months

We - the CANDDi team - have been pretty quiet these past few months. Not because we have been in some Secret Squirrel, sneaky stealth mode, but rather because we have been busy developing both CANDDi the product, and CANDDi the company. From this point on we will be rather more vocal about our progress, initially through the channel of this blog.

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Bootstrap vs boost

There's a lot of great content on the web from entrepreneurs and the people who surround them about the best approach(es) to a successful web startup. My favourites today (thanks to my co-founder for pointing me to these) are this..

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Talking the language of users

Designing a good user interface is as much about language as layout. The better you can name and describe the elements of your software product, the more intuitive it will be to use. This is the challenge that I'm wrestling with early on a Sunday morning.

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