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Perfecting content marketing

Much of my past consultancy work has been with brands and agencies delivering, or looking for, content-driven marketing strategies. This approach of attracting prospects with a rich pool of content that educates or entertains is increasingly the de facto approach for companies' online marketing, and I remain a huge advocate. I've created and assisted with campaigns on this principle that have delivered fantastic results in terms of large volumes of high quality leads. But that's not to say that content-driven marketing couldn't be improved.

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Social Media Measurement- Buzz is no substitute for business metrics

In October last year we participated in an event looking at Social Media Measurement, Tools That Help Us series hosted by Claire Thompson from Waves PR and Alexander Nikolov from NinetyTen. The event featured a range of suppliers of social media measurement tools to the PR industry, including Radian6, Onalytica and iVantage (a Google Analytics specialist). CANDDi isn't a social media measurement tool specifically, but that is one application of its powerful ability to track individuals across time and platforms, so we were happy to be invited along.

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The CANDDi Team- Interview with the CEO

Both as a way to introduce the team and to capture some of the discussions that are going on as the company develops - discussions that we think/hope are interesting - I'll be interviewing the members of the team over the coming weeks. First up, Tim, the CEO and my co-founder.

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Leads, Qualified Leads, and Rich Leads

There are all sorts of nuances when it comes to describing the sales cycle. When does a suspect become a prospect? When is a lead truly 'qualified'? What counts as a lead? There's often a discrepancy between what the people generating leads would like to call a lead, and what the people receiving them might agree counts as one.

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