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Looker Simplifying Business Logic and Analytics

Published 27 Sep 2015 by Tim Langley, CANDDi
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The data platform company Looker has just announced a new product, called Looker Blocks, which it hopes will help to simplify business analytics. Looker Blocks are reusable and customizable apps which will provide easy access to common components of business logic, such as lifetime value and churn prediction. The goal is to offer business owners access to that data quickly and easily so that they can analyse the needs of their organisation.


Looker Blocks will offer an at-a-glance view of the sales funnel based on data sources you provide, making it easier to view information about customer health, conduct sophisticated analysis of web traffic and optimise your online store.

Build Your Own Queries

At the moment, there are two categories of Looker Blocks - Source and Analytics. The Source blocks can be used to join data from a range of sources, including Segment, Zendesk, Salesforce and Marketo. The Analytics blocks offer a different angle for the data and can be used to answer specific business questions. Simply enter specific field names into some pre-defined patterns for life-time, funnel, affinity, cohorting and session analysis. In effect, Looker takes a complex query process and turns it into a plug-and-play experience, where users select what they want to know and let the software provide the logic required to get there.

Frank Bien, the CEO of Looker, explained that in today’s highly competitive market it is important for business owners to take advantage of their data to make informed decisions. However, the tools that are available today offer relatively limited views of such data, and a degree of expertise is needed to answer even relatively simple questions.

Actionable Data

With Looker Blocks, Bien hopes that it will become possible for anyone to take advantage of company-wide analytics and for analysts to streamline and centralise their business logic. The blocks offer an easy way to ask the right questions and to get information that is clear and presented in a way that the right people in the business can understand.

Analytics is about more than just charts, tables and graphs. The data that you collect must be actionable, as otherwise it is just a bunch of numbers provided to pad out a presentation. Looker Blocks is a big step towards creating actionable data for every industry, and it will help to improve the performance of the companies that use it.


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