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CANDDi For Sales, CANDDi For Marketing

Like most start-ups, we're finding that our product is evolving pretty quickly and not always in the direction we might have forecast when we started out. The most recent evolution has seen us recognise that today CANDDi has two distinct functions and slightly different audiences for those functions.

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What Automotive Brands Can Do Better Online- Sell

Our favourite web news source eConsultancy carried a piece on its blog this week about what automotive brands can do better on their websites. Having had some experience in this area - and done a lot of research around it - in the recent past, I thought we ought to craft a response.

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Wanted- JavaScript Genius

We're recruiting again and this time we need a JavaScript genius. Someone who has the aptitude, the experience, and that vital start-up work ethic, to help us make CANDDi even more awesome.

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Cracking a nut? Use a nutcracker

This may sound obvious, but when you have a nut to crack the best solution is usually a nutcracker. When it comes to technology though, we seem to lose sight of this simple guidance. We are much more likely to seek out an industrial nut-sheller than seek out the tool that we really need.

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