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Powerful CANDDi Features You Should Check Out Next

Published 04 Jan 2022 by Jasmine Collins, CANDDi
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If you’ve just joined us, this page contains everything you need to continue seeing success with CANDDi.

You’re likely already aware of the different ways CANDDi identifies individuals:

But there are also plenty of other features included in your CANDDi subscription that you should focus on getting up and running to ensure maximum value.

Let’s take a look at them!


Streams are filters which allow you to sort your identified website visitors.

They exist to ensure you’re able to see your most valuable prospects without having to search endlessly through the noise.

Pick just about any data point you can think of - location, pages visited, marketing source, total time spent on website - and you can create a Stream of your prospects which filters out individuals based on these data points.

Click here to learn more about Streams, and get started with your first one!

CRM Integration

At CANDDi, we believe in providing you information about your visiting prospects right within the tools you already use.

Imagine you’re a salesperson about to call a prospect. You open the prospect’s profile in your CRM and then…

Boom! The CANDDi section shows you they actually visited your website last night. And they spent a full 10 minutes reviewing your pricing page…

It doesn’t take a sales genius to know what’ll be on their mind when you call them!

Click here to find your CRM on our integrations list, and learn how to quickly plug CANDDi into it.

Email Alerts and Reports

As addictive as it may be, we don’t want you spending all day staring at CANDDi, watching your new visitors pour in. Enter: Alerts!

Once you’ve decided what makes a prospect valuable to you, you can receive alerts when visitors matching those criteria visit your website.

For example, you may want to know when someone visits from Spain, who works in the Wholesale industry, and who has spent more than 10 minutes on your website in the past.

Get started with Alerts by checking out this guide.

Lead Scoring / Grading

CANDDi is clever enough to automatically assign a Score and a Grade to each visitor, based on how valuable they’re likely to be to your business.

A visitor’s Score is a numerical value which improves depending on their activity on your site. Their Grade is a letter which rates their intrinsic characteristics such as their job role or industry.

Since every business is different, it’s important that you tell CANDDi what makes a visitor valuable. You can do this by checking out our guide here, then heading into your settings to fine-tune the scoring and grading process.

CANDDi Download

CANDDi Download provides you with a powerful extra way to identify your website visitors.

In any situation which involves you sending a hyperlink or file to a prospect, simply run it through CANDDi Download first. When the prospect clicks it, they’ll become identified in CANDDi.

From that point forward, every time they return to the website, you’ll know every time they return to your website, regardless of where they’re browsing from!

Click here to learn more about using CANDDi Download.

For more useful guides on getting started with CANDDi, click here!