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Adding CANDDi Tracking to Your LinkedIn Messages

Published 18 Jan 2022 by Jasmine Collins, CANDDi
Read this in about 2 minutes

What is the LinkedIn Prospect Tracker?

The LinkedIn Prospect Tracker allows you to send LinkedIn messages with tracked links. This means that for prospects who click through to your website;

  • You’ll see every action they take in real time
  • You’ll know every time they return to your site in the future

In short, you get the power of our Email Marketing, Outlook, and Gmail integrations… but for your LinkedIn outreach!

Installing the plugin

  1. Install the CANDDi SalesGUi

    Social media tracking

  2. Log in to the SalesGUi using your CANDDi account

Creating a message template

  1. Click on ‘LinkedIn Prospect Tracker’ in the SalesGUi
  2. Click ‘Create New Template’

    Social media tracking

  3. Here, type in the message you’d like to send to your prospects on LinkedIn. Remember - you can use the merge tags like to personalize the message using the recipient’s details!

    Social media tracking

  4. In the part of your message where you’d like the link to go, type in the merge tag
  5. In the ‘Target URL’ box, enter the URL of the webpage (on your website!) that you’d like to send prospects towards
  6. In the ‘Link Title’ choose the text that will show up on the preview card of this link
  7. Upload the image you would like to show on the preview card of your link (not sure what to use? Just take a screenshot of the webpage and use that!)

    Social media tracking

  8. Save your message template

Note: If you’d like some general tips on improving the response rate on your LinkedIn messages, check out this blog post!

Sending your message

  1. Head over to LinkedIn and open up a message window with your desired recipient
  2. Click the little CANDDi logo in the chat box*

    Social media tracking

  3. Click the template you’d like to send
  4. Hit ‘Send’. You’re done!

*If you’ve set up your LinkedIn templates but can’t see the CANDDi button for CANDDi tracking, all you have to do is go to the LinkedIn message section and select ‘Click Send’

If you have any questions about CANDDi’s LinkedIn Prospect Tracker, please get in touch with our success team at