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Problem with Zoho Forms

Published 08 Apr 2021 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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If your website visitors are making enquiries, you need to know about it straight away. That’s why CANDDi can track almost every website form you can think of!

We have some tracking already built into your CANDDi dashboard which you can find by heading to the ‘Identify’ tab and then clicking ‘Additional tracking’. If you’re using any of the below form builders, simply toggle enabled and you’re good to go!

Although if you’re also using Zoho forms, you have to track them using site-tagging individual. This allows you to tag individual pages on your website the way you like, or tag certain individuals who’ve been visiting certain pages.

Dashboard Site Tagging

However, like all technology. It doesn’t always go according to plan.

If you’re using Zoho forms but you’re noticing the CANDDi data isn’t being pulled through, it might be because Zoho is built in an iframe.

In techy-speak, this means that Zoho documentation won’t expose any events for our CANDDi code to hook into. Basically, this stops up from building a fancy tracking toggle that we create for other forms such as Hubspot, etc.

If this sound familiar, there’s two solutions to get integrated with us:

  1. Embed the form via JavaScript rather than an iframe. This should allow us to pick up the submissions like any other request on the page.

  2. Follow the “Redirect to a website” and “Map fields to the redirected websiteguides. The idea here is to get your form redirecting to another page on your website with CANDDi tracking on it (e.g. a Thank You page) with the form fields being mapped as URL parameters.

If you’re still experiencing some problems or need a hand getting setup, please let us know by reaching out to