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What I learned this week: a secret weapon for one-to-one emailing

Published 22 Apr 2020 by Jasmine Collins, CANDDi
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Hello again!

My name’s Jasmine - you may have seen my blog last week about the cool discoveries I made when using CANDDi in my day-to-day processes.

I’m back with another installment, this time focussing on how CANDDi’s one-to-one email tracking has helped me nurture my prospects!

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My secret weapon for one-to-one emails

So what does it do?

Well, the plugin automatically tracks all of the one-to-one emails I send on my Gmail account to provide two main benefits:

- I can see in real time when someone opens my email, or clicks on a link within it
- People who click on a link to our website become identified by CANDDi, and will be recognized on all future return visits

But let me explain the real-life value of one-to-one tracking that I’ve experienced over the past week!

A prospecting power-up…

I regularly reach out to people who seem like they’d get a lot of value from CANDDi. Sometimes it’s a phone call, and they ask me to email over some more information. Other times, it’s a simple cold email to say hi.

When sending these emails, it’s so useful to know exactly how and when my recipients are interacting with them beyond the usual “have they replied or not?”.

For example, if they open the email but don’t click through to the site, it could mean the lead has gone cold. However, it could also mean they’re just too busy right now. Since CANDDi already has the prospect identified, I can simply sit back and wait to see if they visit the site later to determine which of these is the case.

If a prospect hasn’t opened the email at all, I know they’re either too busy or not interested at all. In either case, I know to give them more time before I reach out using a different channel.

Oh, and there’s the fact I can tell when my colleagues are ignoring me. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Making light work of remote work

For obvious reasons, working-from-home prospects is a hot topic right now in the B2B world.

We have a whole page explaining what this means for visitor tracking - and I wouldn’t want to steal our marketing team’s thunder - but in short: people working from home means that IP lookup tools can’t identify visitors from their IP address alone.

Luckily, the one-to-one plugin is a fantastic fix to this!

When someone clicks a link to our website on a one-to-one email, CANDDi recognizes their device on every return visit, regardless of where in the world they’re browsing from.

Even pre-pandemic, this was useful for our sales team. They could see when their leads were browsing our pricing page from their office at 4pm… then again later that evening when they were sitting at home watching Coronation Street.

But this week, I’ve seen how effective this is at identifying prospects who we’d lost visibility over since they started working from home.

I sent an email to many of our prospects to touch base and link them to one of our blog posts that they may find useful. Those who clicked became identified, which means I’ll always know in future when they’re back on our website and interested in CANDDi!

This was great for us, even though we have a relatively short sales cycle. But it would be even more useful for businesses with long sales cycles who want to connect the dots as their prospects travel through their sales cycle.

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