Getting fewer identified leads from your website traffic ?

Losing visibility over your visitors could mean missed opportunities and fewer sales. Read on to find out how to get it back!

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Why is this happening?

To understand why you’re getting fewer identified leads, let’s first take a look at how IP lookup tools work

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  1. Someone visits  your website  from within their workplace
  2. The IP lookup tool checks what IP address they’re browsing from
  3. The tool tries to match your IP address with a registered company IP address
  4. If there is a match, you know which company your visitor is from!

So what's changed?

Well, many prospects are now browsing from home, not their company IP address. So this is happening:

  1. Someone visits  your website  from their home
  2. The IP lookup tool checks what IP address they’re browsing from
  3. The tool can not match this IP address to a registered company
  4. You see nothing at all, or get a false visit from their ISP (e.g. Virgin or Comcast)
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Since you don’t know who has been visiting your website, you have no way of getting in touch!

How can I fix it?

CANDDi utilises our own unique Visitor-Level Tracking.

This involves the same IP lookup technology we’ve discussed, but combines it with cookie tracking and our own algorithms too.

This means we track every individual device that hits your website, regardless of their IP address!

To identify these individuals, CANDDi plugs into all of your existing digital marketing and data capture tools.

Once they have completed an action that identifies them, CANDDi will recognize them on every return visit.

This might be from their home, from their office, or from the other side of the world!

Why not try it for free, and see the differences yourself?

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