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Site tagging group - what is it?

Published 06 Nov 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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There are two types of site tagging in CANDDi, the first that adds tags to one page at a time (Site Tagging - Individual) and the second that adds tags to groups of streams (Site Tagging - Group). Let’s take a look at site tagging group.

Firstly, head over to your CANDDi dashboard and navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab. Scroll down to the ‘Site Management’ section and click ‘Site Tagging - Group’.

Site Tagging

Site Tagging - Group works slightly different to Site Tagging - Individual. Here, instead of editing existing tags on specific URLs, you add new rules by clicking on the blue ‘+ New Rule’ button at the top.

You will then see a new screen and there will be three options on how and what to tag: Domain, Group or Advanced.

Tagging domains is useful if you own a number of domains e.g., and and you want to see who’s visiting each site. By adding site tagging group tags on each, you can create streams to monitor your website visitors for each domain.

Tagging groups is useful if you have similar page ‘groups’ e.g. you have product pages that are split by product/hat, product/shoe, product/ dress. You can let CANDDi know they should all be grouped as ‘product’.

Last but not least, advanced tagging is available if you’d like to tag a more complex URL structure you can use ‘regular expressions’ also known as ‘regex’

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