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How to integrate CANDDi with Woodpecker

Published 12 Feb 2021 by Chris Glover, CANDDi
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Not only can CANDDi track your one-to-one emailing, but you can also have your CANDDi code in your bulk marketing platform. Prospects won’t dare ignore you again!

Take a look at our guide below to see how you can integrate CANDDi with Woodpecker.

Using CANDDi alongside Woodpecker is a great way to increase the number of identified visitors to your website.

To get started, you’ll want to create your Woodpecker campaign as normal. Once you’re happy with your content, you’ll want to add a Tracking Link to your email which directs recipients to your website.

You can create these ‘Tracking Links’ through the ‘Identify’ tab on your CANDDi dashboard. From here, click ‘Bulk Email Marketing’ on the left menu, then find Woodpecker from the drop down menu (you can also start typing it in the search bar to speed things up).

Then you need to enter the URL of the webpage that you want your link to lead to.

Email Platform

If you’d like to include Google Analytics tracking (this simply allows you to specify the wider campaign your Woodpecker email will be a part of) just select ‘Yes’ for this option before clicking the ‘Generate Code’ button.

CANDDi will then create your tracked link for you. Just copy this, and paste it into your Woodpecker email wherever you’d usually use a link.

When Woodpecker asks you whether you’d like to add their tracking to the link, click ‘No’ as this may interfere with CANDDi tracking.

There you have it! Now every person who clicks through from your Woodpecker campaigns will become identified in CANDDi, and recognized on every return visit.

If you need any help with your Woodpecker integration, let us know at and our team will be in touch.