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Why is CANDDi getting company info wrong?

Published 18 Nov 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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You might have noticed that one of your prospects is showing incorrect company information. Annoying.

What’s happened here is that the CANDDi IP algorithm has gotten a little confused. IP addresses come in two different formats, static and dynamic.

When we have static IP addresses it’s easier for CANDDi to work out the name of your prospects’ company. However static IP addresses only covers c.10% of all IP addresses, with the remainder are ISP addresses (these are attached to smaller businesses/ or people working from home).

To help your prospecting game, CANDDi wants to estimate which company is behind these ISPs, but of course, it’s only an educated guess.

So, what we do is we use other data relevant to us, like email open data, to locate the website visitors’ hostname and map it to an IP address. We can then estimate how “accurate” this guess is based on how often we see it returning, etc.

This can get a little confusing when your website visitors are receiving a lot of email or other types of digital marketing from other companies. Or in fact, if you’re receiving a lot of emails from different companies.

CANDDi isn’t magic (but it nearly is), so our algorithm can sometimes get different companies mixed up. Luckily we normally only see this happening internally, so it’s really useful to make sure you’re excluding all of your employees from the CANDDi code.

If you’re noticing something isn’t right with your CANDDi dashboard, reach out to us at