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Troubleshooting the Gmail Plugin

Published 10 Dec 2021 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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We all have our off days. If you’re using our CANDDi Gmail Plugin, but it’s not working the way you want it to, have a look at our common mishaps below.

Activity not showing on live feed

There may be the odd time you’ve sent an email, certain it has either been opened or that a link has been followed but the activity has failed to show up in your CANDDi panel. There are typically one of two reasons as to why this might happen.

  1. CANDDi is in most cases able to track an email by use of a hidden 1x1 tracking pixel. This is simply code inserted into a custom or third-party that makes a server call and returns a transparent 1x1 image (as is industry standard).
  2. Clients’ own firewalls and whether or not they allow client images to be sent through - if they do not, this can in cases affect whether or not you’re able to view an opened/tracked email.

In order for us to cut down on duplicated or invalid results, we do not record an email being opened if it has come from behind the same IP and Browser as the sender.

This is only really pertinent to emails sent to recipients internally or within the same building.

Ad blockers

If you have Adblock installed on Google Chrome, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of fast ad-blocking capabilities that allow you to enjoy sites like YouTube without the annoying interruptions.

However, Adblock could be affecting your website tracking and CANDDi’s gmail plugin in particular. You might not be able to login, see your live feed activity or receive notifications.

If you’ve noticed this is the case, head into your Adblock settings and check CANDDi is an accepted site. You can do this by toggling the domain ‘off’.

Once you’ve refreshed, you should be all set!

Duplicate email signatures

If you’ve got canned responses set up, you’ll need to delete your signature either at the very start of writing up your new canned response or at the very end.

If at the start if you highlight your signature and start writing straight away to overwrite it, the signature will be stubborn and it will keep coming back. Highlight it and hit delete before writing your canned response to avoid this happening.

After you’ve successfully deleted the CANDDi signature from the canned response and you save it, then every time you recall the canned response, it will have your CANDDi generated signature automatically added to it.

Error Messages

If you’ve noticed you’re CANDDi email plugin isn’t working properly, or you’re getting a number of error messages, it might be for the following reasons:

CANDDi’s email tracking works on a one-to-one basis. The tracked link we place in your emails to monitor engagements are designed to be attached to one recipient.

If you’re cc’ing or bcc’ing in other recipients, CANDDi won’t understand which recipient the tracking belongs to. As a result, you’ll receive unreliable results!

What should my Gmail look like?

To check your Gmail plugin is installed, open up your Gmail composer by clicking on the ‘compose’ button. This will bring up an email draft.

Next to the ‘send’ button, you should see the CANDDi logo. This shows your plugin is ready to go.

By hovering over the CANDDi logo, you’ll be able to see what’s tracking and what’s not. You can change this by unticking or ticking the relevant boxes.

Gmail Plugin

Should you want to check any of these issues with the team, reach out to us at