Identify 20% of your web visitors

Equip your sales team with information about who is visiting
your site and what they’re looking at.
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Get more out of your web traffic

10x the number of identified leads

On average just 2% of visitors to your site will complete a contact form. With CANDDi you can identify up to 20% of your visitors down to the individual.

Higher quality leads

CANDDi gives you more than just a name, it provides detailed information about what your customer has viewed and when, giving your sales team an edge on the competition.

Focus on the right customer

CANDDi tells you which leads are important right now. This helps your sales team focus on the best prospects.

CANDDi has delivered new business in excess of £100k in its first year with Context. To be clear, that is business we would not have seen without CANDDi.
Frank Smith, MD, Context Public Relations
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Leads that convert better

CANDDi gives you more than just a name, it provides detailed information about what your customer has viewed and when. This gives your sales team a real head start.




Our sales team close 20-40% more sales when they know visitors background activity.
Tim Langley, CEO, Canddi

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Focus on the right customers, at the right time

CANDDi automatically ranks your leads based on their activity, engagement and any other criteria you set. This allows your sales team to focus on your most promising leads first.

Right place, right time: Get alerts sent your mobile when a new lead appears or a promising old prospect returns.




Intelligent Marketing

Use CANDDi data to segment your audience and customise your marketing campaigns.

Segmented email campaigns

CANDDi integrates directly with your email marketing software so you can create higher conversion segmented campaigns.

Targeted messaging

Send targeted messages to visitors when they land on your site. Re-engage former customers, offer a personal service to new prospects.

CRM Integration

CANDDi integrates directly with your preffered CRM so that all of your data is connected.

Case Studies

Here’s what out customers have to say.
CANDDi provides deep intelligence to a business by identifying prospects at a ‘needs-awareness’ stage of the sales process. It really is a great system which is very easy to use.
Nick Squire, Operations Manager, BTC
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I need to identify the people who are interested in my services. CANDDi has been a lifesaver in this respect. I can now attribute around 20% of new business to the software.
David Mannheim, Conversion Optimisation
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Identify 20% of your web visitors

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