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Software (Recruitment)

CANDDi is a great intelligence tool. It enables our sales team to be able to talk to leads in a contextual way, which is a fantastic addition!

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Manufacturing Company

By directly helping us to identify sales leads CANDDi has already paid for itself!

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Logistic Software Provider

We’ve been using CANDDi’s services for the last two months and already it’s paid for itself. Their CANDDi Capture service in particular gained us a new customer worth over £6000 pa within a week of it being active on our website.

Market Automation

When I am speaking to prospects in the legal sector, I introduce the concept of marketing automation by asking them if they can allocate one hour each day to their marketing and sales efforts. In the first instance, this hour is to be spent seeding out opportunities...

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Digital Agency

Understanding what communications are working, giving sales people more data and understanding how key customers behave have all been valuable for both for our agency and our B2B clients. We have just started exploring its use with our Start Up clients and would recommend.

B2B with Sales Team

Our sales team has perked up considerably since we installed it, and as an account manager I no longer take shots in the dark when getting in touch with existing clients for upsells. I already know what they're interested in before I even start to talk to them...

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IT and Telecoms Provider

After the initial review process we soon decided to drop our existing supplier and to stick with CANDDi for two main reasons 1st the functionality met our expectations but secondly and most importantly your team, you guys are genuinely a pleasure to deal with, I've only very recently been back in contact and although I've been away for a year Saadia instantly built rapport with me.

B2B Sales Training

In instances when I've sent proposals out, it's great to see the person at that business has visited our website. I know when they're at the consideration and decision making stage, and can decide when to take further action. I find it incredibly useful.

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Conversion Optimisation

For me CANDDi has been like having an extra employee because the service it provides is so personal and individually tailored.

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Employment and Payroll Solutions

I would say that the advantage that CANDDi has given OriginEm over other platforms is the ability to identify and engage directly with the key decision makers to start a conversation and book successful meetings.

Digital Agency

The wonderful thing about CANDDi is the 360° visibility it provides about the entire journey of visits. CANDDi drives marketing relevance through the roof.

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