Who is on my website?
Get more leads from your website visitors.

Know who’s visiting your website, see which ones are hot prospects and find out how to contact them.

  • CANDDi shows you who your web visitors are, who they work for and what they want
  • Identify hidden prospects and convert them into customers

CANDDi shows you everything and every visit, not only numbers

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"With CANDDi Insights, we enjoy a level of detail that goes far beyond that of traditional analytics tools. This has helped us to identify new opportunities that previously might not have come our way." Richard Clothier, Marketing Manager, Phoenix Datacom

Qualify and up-sell visitors who enquired.

Like the tip of an iceberg, form enquiries tell you only part of the story. What if you could know what people looked at before enquiring?

  • See all the pages views, downloads and searches made on your website before and after the enquiry
  • Qualify and up-sell your prospects

CANDDi automatically captures all form enquiries, identify the visitor and gives you the full story Your sales team know what each individual who enquired is interested in


"CANDDi is an invaluable tool for inbound marketers. I already know what they're interested in before I even start to talk to them..." Rachel Collinson, Engaging Networks

Convert prospects when they are ready.

Sometimes people don’t convert because the time isn’t right. What if you could know when they are back?

  • CANDDi recognises previous visitors when they return
  • Get notified in real time when prospects are back

Contact and convert them when they are ready to buy. Timing is everything, do not miss any opportunity.

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“Seeing prospects returning to our website and downloading materials has dramatically helped our sales team focusing on the right leads and win business we would not have suspected otherwise” Amy Green, Marketing Manager, SolutionsPT

Integration with email marketing, advertising and more

CANDDi gives you information about your website visitors that you just don’t get elsewhere.

It integrates beautifully with all your other tools:

  • Email: focus on the relevant leads, not just people who clicked through.
  • PPC Advertising: which keywords are really driving qualified traffic?
  • Social: which social media each visitor used to visit your website.
  • Inbound phone tracking: link an inbound phone call to a web visitor and close the loop between online activity and offline conversion.
  • And more…

The missing link from your online marketing. Get more from your budget. Get CANDDi.

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