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Stuff I Did At CANDDi This Summer

I'm Jack and I've just completed a summer internship in the dev team within CANDDi. I've learnt more lessons than you could shake a stick at in my three months here. Being a web developer requires a lot of skills, and surprisingly, knowing how to code doesn't count as much as you'd think.

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Why Cursor Hover Rate Is Not a Metric of Success

How useful is it to pay attention to click-through rates if over half of the clicks on your site are generated by bots? A study conducted by Integral Ad Science in September 2015 found that marketers actually increased the likelihood of attracting bots if they developed their campaigns around mouse-based metrics.

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Long-Form News Pieces Prove Popular with Mobile Users

The media landscape has changed greatly in recent years with the rise of mobile internet, and many organisations now have a mobile-first focus. For media organisations, this has raised questions about what kind of news content consumers want on their smartphones - is the trend of short “snackable” content prevailing in this sector, or do mobile users want greater depth?

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Google Search Console Gets an Update

Google has updated the Search Analytics report in its search console, changing the way that they calculate clicks and impressions in the Search Analytics report. They have added some information about the change to their Data Anomalies page, where they explain that users may notice that the clicks, impressions and CTR values seen in the report may appear different.

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