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Dotmailer Campaigns: Adding CANDDi tracking

Published 15 Dec 2021 by Jasmine Collins, CANDDi
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If you’re using our Gmail or Outlook plugin for one-to-one email tracking, then it only makes sense that you want to bring your bulk email marketing platform in on the action.

Luckily for you, CANDDi can integrate with your Customer Minds campaigns, too! Just follow the steps below and you can identify every individual who clicks through from these campaigns onto your website:

Dotmailer has a function that allows you to ‘add’ default code to all of your links - this means no more manual additions to links!

  1. In Dotmailer, navigate to ‘Campaigns’, then ‘Advanced features’
  2. Click the ‘Site analytics’ tab
  3. Under ‘Link tracking’ click ‘Add new’
  4. For ‘Field’, type in ‘utm_source’ without the quotation marks. For ‘Value’, type ‘Dotmailer’ without the quotation marks.
  5. Click ‘Save’.
  6. Add a second parameter by clicking ‘Add new’ again.
  7. For ‘Field,’ type ‘ce’ without the quotation marks. For ‘Value’, hover over the personalisation icon to the right of the textbox, then click ‘Email Address’.

Now continue to create and send your campaigns as normal. Once you’re ready, please test your campaign - and remember to include your CANDDi account manager!

For more information about adding tracking to your email campaign links in Dotmailer, check out their support page.

If you’re having trouble with any of the above, please contact our success team at