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Webinar Wisdom: What Sales Looks Like in 2020

Published 26 May 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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As we near the halfway point of 2020 (thank goodness, some might say), now is a really good time to evaluate your sales processes for the year so far. What’s worked for you? Or what hasn’t? What would you like to try next?

In favour of practicing what I preach, earlier this week I attended a webinar that centred on what makes sales possible, regardless of circumstance.

2020 is proving difficult for pretty much everyone, but if you're ready to start making your sales work, have a read of what I learnt below.

2020 b2b sales

Make it personal

Putting the time and effort into getting to know your customers has always been an important part of any sales relationship, but given the stressful times we’ve been facing over the last few months, it’s nice to be extra nice.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just little tailoring of your next sales pitch to show you understand what makes your prospect and their company tick. This can really help break down those awkward barriers when trying to engage with a new customer, instantly opening up some dialogue to start building that rapport.

Maybe this starts by checking their socials, see what posts they’ve been sharing lately. Sure, this could be a little time consuming, but with CANDDi, we’ve got the whole personalised process sorted for you. You can find out how here.

Go easy on the pity party

As we enter our 9th week of lockdown, the over-cautious messages of hope and sympathy are getting a little been there, done that. This is NOT to say you should go about your sales processes with all the tact of a bull in a china shop, but maybe now is the time to focus on positivity.

Share with your customers the optimism of the future and how you can help to get them there. Many businesses are raring to get going and are looking for that support.

Know your audience and tread carefully as you move across different sectors. All businesses have been affected differently.

Be direct

As life slowly starts to open up again, many business owners will be super busy putting arrangements in place to get their businesses and employees back on track. But that doesn’t mean that they’re too busy to accept a little help from you.

Just be upfront. Grip your customers with the hard-hitting message first, and then back it up with supporting facts. Get straight to the point and let them know exactly who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

Get social

With more people spending time working from home, try socialising a bit more. Preferably online, or from a safe 2m distance of course.

Start posting online and drive more content through your social media channels. Adding a bit of fun and personality to your LinkedIn or blog posts can show character and help prospects understand you a bit better. Sales are often built on trust and it has to be reciprocated from the customer too if you want it to work.

It can also be a good way of taking a break from the seriousness of business and create some lighthearted posts instead. As they say, laughter is the best medicine and you never know who might appreciate it!

Going forward

Planning sales strategies at any time of year can be risky enough, but as we all start to move forward, it’s all about proving to people why taking a chance on you is less risky than taking no action at all.

If you want to take a chance on CANDDi, you can for free!

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