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Get Prospects On Track

Published 15 Dec 2017 by Janie Krahulcova, CANDDi
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Throughout the sales process, there might be moments when you think that your prospects have lost their way or direction back to your company. You don’t know whether they are still looking for you or interested in you unless they say so themselves. It’s a frustrating position to be in. But you’re not alone. So many businesses out there face the same frustration - how do you get people back on track to buying from you?

You can try the good old approach of hit and miss. You don’t really know what’s happening with your prospects but you’re going to give it a shot anyway - an email gently prodding for any lingering interest; a phone call which is more personal just to see if the directors managed to discuss your product or service. You do anything to grasp onto whispers of hope that your prospects are not going around in circles, or worse yet, away.

Most of the time, you hit a brick wall. You might get lucky if your daily email platform displays email opens. Then you know that your prospect at least read what you had to say. But then you don’t get an answer the next day, by the end of the week, next week,… It’s frustrating. On a call? It’s even worse. They don’t volunteer more information there either. “Ah, yes. We had the meeting but it was so busy with so much to cover that we didn’t get a chance to discuss this.” Then they give you a vague idea of when they might discuss it next. Then they stop answering your calls. By this point, you probably want to burn the whole lead file and scream at the brick wall. So would I. So would many other sales people out there who are faced with this uncertainty of ‘where is the next deal coming from’.

But the future doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom of dreading the next call or waiting eagerly for email notification to pop up. There are ways how you can guide your prospects along the track, see them as they advance, help steer them back onto the paved road in case they stray too far into the wild woods. All that is needed is a particular type of intelligence. No, not the IQ stuff. We are all smart here. It’s the intel on your prospects’ activities and these days, it comes in digital form. Yes, I am talking about digital sales intelligence which is the flashlight you can shine into the darkness for your prospects to see and follow.

Imagine if you knew when your prospects read your emails and opened your files. Imagine if you knew that after that call, your prospect went on the website to read the case study you mentioned. Imagine if you knew that the hard work you’re putting in is actually paying off. How would that make you feel? Empowered? In control? Capable?

If you have seen the movie Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), you will remember the quote from Blake (portrayed by Alec Baldwin): “The leads are weak? Fucking leads are weak. You’re weak!” I know, right? My friend, I call bull on this. It’s not the leads. It’s not you. (Sure as hell ain’t me either.) It’s the intel you have on those leads. Or lack thereof.

There are ways of getting people back on track. It’s through digital sales intelligence and if you want to find out more about what that actually is, you stay tuned for next week, where we explain it in detail so that you can start guiding your prospects back to your business. Not chasing them around like a desperate housewife.

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