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CANDDi Culture - We're Getting Fitter :)

Published 02 Mar 2017 by Saadia Choudry, CANDDi
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For various reasons (Tim is training for a marathon in April, I've had a minor stroke, Brian is sleep deprived with his new baby etc) we are all trying to get a bit fitter here at CANDDi HQ...

Dally Singh

We’ve started Monday morning running sessions, are making use of our standing desks a lot more, have purchased wobble boards, have started getting fruit delivered to the office, and have swapped the sugar for sweetener.

Tim invited personal trainer and fitness coach, Dally Singh, to our Friday meeting to help give the team some inspiration! Turns out getting fit doesn’t have to be as difficult as we think. According to Dally “getting fit is a lifestyle change”, you’ve got to exercise but there’s little point hammering the gym if you’re not eating healthy as well.

Dally shared some health and fitness hacks that he uses which we’re all excited to try…

  1. Cook in batches and freeze your meals in portion sizes to help save time
  2. Use cardio to warm up and down and use weight training as core part of your sessions - your body gets used to things like running on a treadmill and does little to help lose weight.
  3. Annihilate your body. This sounds extreme, but the approach Dally uses is weight lifting until you CAN’T carry on* doing this in 3 minute sessions is super effective in building muscle. “Keep it short but intense. Many people think they need to train for hours on end to get results, 30-40 minutes when done right is more than enough.”

We’re not getting any younger (the Apprentices and Graduates we hire constantly remind us of this!) and it was a relief to hear it doesn’t have to be complicated to get in better shape. Tim is going to subsidise gym sessions with Dally for all CANDDi employees which is amazing, so we’ve got no excuse!

If you’re interested in learning more, you can follow Dally on @TheMacroCoachUK and check him out on

Wish us luck :)


*If you’re going to try this approach, be sure to get a professional to help guide you…you don’t want to get into an accident!!!!

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