Linguist in a World of Digital Stuff

Linguist in a World of Digital Stuff

Published 23 Feb 2016 by Janie Krahulcova, CANDDi
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My name is Janie and up until just recently, I must admit that I had little idea about what I wanted to do or what the real world was like. But thanks to CANDDi, I can now brush the dust of my shoulders and say; “はい、分かってるよ!” Yes, I am a near graduate from the University of Manchester, majoring in Japanese studies. Please don’t be shocked, I have no idea myself how I made it this far.

Linguist in a World of Digital Stuff

So why go with CANDDi? It’s a company absolutely unrelated to my major, yet, I come here every Monday and Friday to butt in on other people’s business and try not to mess anything up whilst doing it. There are two answers. One, they did not have to bribe me with candy, just explaining to people that you work in a company that has ‘Digital Intelligence’ in the name has enough of a wow factor. Two, the atmosphere in CANDDi just got to me right the first moment when I was invited to see how their morning meeting was. With as little idea about my future job as I had, I never had much care about corporate feel to a company or otherwise. What I was looking for, however, was a place where I could feel comfortable enough to ping people with questions and not be worried that they’d get annoyed, or that my language wired brain would be considered to be unable to cope with the contents of the job.

Here at CANDDi, the environment is extremely friendly whilst efficient. Since starting on the 1st February 2016, I have been involved in the workings of the company. It’s not just simple sitting around, shadowing people and making sure their cups of coffee are never empty. It’s getting your hands dirty with all the 0s and 1s, with the real stuff. I have been involved in helping to sort through the ISP database, listened in on calls with clients (always approved, not cheekily eavesdropping), getting familiar with the product and doing some market research. There is still so much to learn, no doubt, and I am eager to master all there is to master.

In general, this experience has been everything my favourite quote from Seneca once hinted to me. Non scholae, sed vitae discumus. In other words, not school, but life will teach you and CANDDi is giving me the right platform to do that.


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