Why choose CANDDi?

Generate High Quality Leads

Our software can track existing customers and groups of customers' web visits. With this data, we can email the relevant sales people as soon as they interact with your site, providing you with leads you would never have known about.

You can target specific customer types and once they've visited certain sections on your site, our web tools will email your sales people with hot leads. They spend less time searching for leads, giving your business more time to sell.

CANDDi Capture communicates at the exact time your web visitors are invested in your site. With this traction in place, your sales people will know a customer is ready to make a purchase and they can get in touch straight away.

Learn About Your Customers

Customers X, Y and Z all viewed content on your website and your pricing page, they spent lots of money on your site. Customers A, B and C looked at the exact same pages but not your pricing page and spent nothing. CANDDi will give you rich data about customers to give a deeper understanding of what typically drives their spending.

With CANDDi, you can work out who's viewing what, for how long and where they come from. You can then use this information to match it with your sales and marketing data to form new business strategies, new approaches to sales and a better user experience for your customers.

Build Growth Into Your Business

By automating emails and creating custom triggers to set them off, you can build growth into your business. Knowing what your customers are doing and having CANDDi's quick response tool in place, sending emails to marketing and sales, will generate leads, enquiries and business in an automated way.

Track, Monitor & Improve Sales ROI

These days, there is an abundance of marketing, you have SEO, PPC, WOM, print media etc. To know the exact source of a lead is incredibly difficult. With CANDDi, as soon as you acquire some data on your customers you will be able to assess your ongoing campaign's success.