CANDDi for Business to Consumer companies

Give Sales People the Opportunity to Close More Business

CANDDi is perfect for businesses selling high net worth products. Our tools lead to more sales and more customers. We provide insights from your visitors that not even Google Analytics can rival. We find your customers' information and browsing history, then we show what they are likely to buy and how likely they are to buy it. Your marketing and sales teams can use this information to tailor strategies and approach.

Companies with long sales-cycles love CANDDi. CANDDi provides key data about when you should contact a prospect and what about.

Tell Who's in Your Pipeline

Give Sales More to Chew On

Set Up in 30 Minutes

Boost Social ROI

Our team have experience in creating value with CANDDi for 100's of B2C businesses. Get in touch today to book a demo and see where the value lies for your business.

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Owners / Directors in B2C Businesses

CANDDi will give your directors and sales team tools to help them find the businesses they need to be targeting and all the data they require to sell. We can save your company time by working our technology into your growth and sales plans

Sales Managers

Your team will be sent email notifications that will generate business leads. Our setup team will ensure your leads are being sent at the right time to the right people. We focus on delivering clear and necessary information which will help your team sell.

Marketing Managers

CANDDi will put your directly into the future of marketing, giving you advanced technologies that will help you speak more directly to your prospective customers. Using our tools you will be able to assess, iterate and improve upon your current marketing strategies.

Sales People

CANDDi ensures that you will be sent regular leads that are ready to make a purchase. CANDDi will give you more information about your customers to aid in the sales process. No brain busting technical elements to our tools, instead we focus on delivering clear and necessary information, so when you receive it, all you need to do is close.