CANDDi for Software as a Service businesses

Build growth into your SaaS business

If you're selling SaaS then build CANDDi's analytics tools into your product and fit them around your customers' journey. This will allow your to cater marketing, sales and product development to specific customers / sectors and improve their whole user experience

Our product is scalable and flexible. You can integrate CANDDi with any back-end software through our REST API

Track your customer

Sell, iterate and learn through data

Set Up in 30 Minutes

Boost Social ROI

Our team have experience in creating value with CANDDi for various SaaS businesses, including our own.

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Owners / Directors in a SaaS business

CANDDi will give your marketing, sales and development teams the tools to help them find key businesses / sectors to target. We can save your company time by working our technology into your growth and sales plans. CANDDi is an easy to implement way of creating an excellent feedback loop into the business

Sales Managers

Your team will be sent email notifications that will generate business leads. Our setup team will ensure your leads are being sent at the right time to the right people. We focus on delivering clear and necessary information which will help your team sell.

Marketing Managers

CANDDi will put your directly into the future of marketing, giving you advanced technologies that will help you speak more directly to your prospective customers. Using our tools you will be able to assess, iterate and improve upon your current marketing strategies.


CANDDi has market leading, flexible and scalable technology. We can work with CTO's or developers to integrate our API into your product.