CANDDi for Digital Agencies

Win more clients, make existing ones love you

CANDDi will find you many more client leads. Your team will be sent email notifications when prospective clients visit your site. When you employ CANDDi into your Digital Agency you'll never miss a lead.

Finding clients has never been easier - we focus on delivering clear and necessary information so when you receive it then all you need to do is to get in touch.

Becoming CANDDi Experts will give you a cost effective, easy to understand way to bring inbound marketing into the mix for your clients. Implementing this will aid your Conversion Rate Optimisation campaigns and make clients love you by helping them convert more business

Improve your current Conversion Rate Optimisation

Set Up in 30 Minutes

Boost Social ROI

Increase recurring revenue with our partner program

We work with hundreds of digital agencies. Helping them win more clients and improve their own service offering

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Owners / Directors of Digital Agencies

CANDDi will give you more leads for your own businesses as well as implement new revenue streams and skill bases within your agency. As a Director or Head of Agency you have to stay at the curring edge of the digital marketing landscape. Talk to us about how CANDDi can work for your own sales as well as make your clients love you

Marketing Managers

CANDDi will put your directly into the future of marketing, giving you advanced technologies that will help you speak more directly to your prospective customers. Using our tools you will be able to assess, iterate and improve upon your current marketing strategies.