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CANDDi’s Zapier Add-on

Published 01 Jun 2023 by Tim Langley, CANDDi
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What is the Zapier Add-on?

Zapier enables the linking of CANDDi data with other third party systems (Email platforms / Analytics platforms / CRMs). Any third party with an API can be connected. This add-on is great if you want to integrate CANDDi into your automated processes.

How to get started

The CANDDi Zapier Integration uses a Zapier web-hook to add an Integration onto any CANDDi stream. To add this integration requires switching between CANDDi and Zapier - the instructions below describe how to do this (This is quite advanced - please feel free to contact your CANDDi CSM for more information)

  1. In CANDDi: Enable the Zapier Addon

    Enable addon

  2. In Zapier: Login to your Zapier account and Create a new WebHook Zap

    Create zap

    The “Event” needs to be a Catch Hook

    Catch hook

    Press Continue to skip the Trigger section

    Skip trigger Webhook URL

    The Webhook Zap within Zapier produces a “webhook” URL (copy this to the clipboard)

    Before pressing “Test trigger” you need to add the Zapier Integration to a stream within CANDDi. Leave the Zapier window open and go back to the CANDDi dashboard in a new tab

  3. In CANDDi: Add the Zapier Integration to a stream within CANDDi

    Stream integrations

    Press Add Integration

    Add integration

    Select the Zapier Integration

    Zap url

    Paste the WebHook URL into the Zap URL

    Press the Test button (this will pick a random contact from the stream and transmit the data to Zapier)

    Test success

  4. Zapier: Configure the WebHook

    Return to Zapier and press the “Test Trigger” button

    Test trigger

    The test Contact from CANDDi will be displayed along with all the fields transferred over

    Test contact

    Press Continue

  5. Zapier: Select an Action (the destination)

    These Actions include Google sheets / Gmail / CRMs / LinkedIn

    Depending on the Action selected various of the CANDDi Contact fields can be mapped across. Zapier makes this all very simple to perform and test

    Zap action

    To get started, simply get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or chat to us. We’ll talk you through how to set up tracking for your additional domain(s) in no time!