CANDDi Works For A Wide Selection of Roles in Your Organisation

CEO / Owners

By using CANDDI's advanced sales tactics, your business will be way ahead of your competitors. The information will then be relayed to you simply and clearly, so that anyone can understand the results. You don't need a degree in computing to understand the information we find.

Inbound marketing, marketing automation and growth hacking are all complex but necessary subjects to understand in modern business. By using CANDDi to study them for you, we can save you time by working our tech into your growth and sales plans quickly.

CANDDi will give your directors, marketing and sales teams tools that will help them find the businesses and individuals they need to be targeting as well as a lot of currently hidden data they can use to sell, advertise or market your products.

With CANDDi, you can begin to understand your top customers and their behaviour through their social presence, the web pages they visit and the searches they make. This insight will allow you to employ specific marketing activity to that particular customer segment, increasing sales in the short, medium and long term.

Sales and Marketing Directors

CANDDi will very simply help to convert more leads for you than any employee could do on their own. It will put you in touch with the right people, giving you hot leads at exactly the right time.

You'll never miss a hot lead with CANDDi, our tools can tell you the most up to date information about your customers and also the most historic, with these you can build an idea of their behavioural buying patterns to give you key information that can help to set your medium to the long term strategies for growth.

There is no heavy technology implementation with our service, once CANDDi's technology has been built in to your site it aims to make your business easier to run by giving you clear and simple advice on leads.

Sales Managers

Our setup team will ensure your leads are being sent at the right time to the right people. There are no logins and no brain busting technical elements to our tools, instead we focus on delivering clear and necessary information which will help your team sell.

Your sales team will never be dry of a sale again as CANDDi provides them with regular up to date and well qualified leads.

You will be able to manage and maintain more leads straight from your inbox every day. This will increase your productivity in your workplace as your best sales people will not have to waste time searching for new customers or clients, they can instead focus on selling to the ones CANDDi has identified as a hot prospect.

Knowing what your customers are going to need and when they will need it, you can use CANDDi's tools to put your best team members on the most important leads, increasing your sales.

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Marketing Managers

CANDDi will put your directly into the future of marketing, giving you advanced technologies that will help you speak more directly to your prospective customers. Get an inbound marketing tool that makes your sales team love you.

Using our tools you will be able to assess, iterate and improve upon your current marketing strategies by understanding your prospective customer's viewing data and history.

With our clever tools in place you will be able to compile very specific data on your lead sources and learn ROI's for their various digital and offline activities.

You will be able to drill down into the customer's mindset by looking into their online behaviour. You will see what pages they have viewed, how long they have spent on it and get a clear understanding of what marketing, content or conversion strategies work and which need improving or dropping.

Sales People

CANDDi ensures that you will be sent regular leads that are ready to make a purchase. There are no logins and no brain bursting technical elements to our tools, instead we focus on delivering clear and necessary information, so that we you receive it, all you need to do is sell.

CANDDi will send you leads straight into your inbox at the exact times you need them. The technology knows when a customer is ready to make a purchase and you will be notified at the perfect time to get in touch.

You don't need logins to our website or anywhere else for that matter, the leads will be sent directly to your inbox ready for you to start selling.

You current process of finding leads will be unaffected, CANDDi's tools will just help you find many more leads than you could possibly get on your own and send them to you at relevant times.

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